Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Winter Veil Giveaway - Pepe Necklace/Keychain

Winter Veil is upon us, and after the amazing reception my three WoW pieces received, I decided to host a Christmas giveaway for my Pepe necklace! (Or keychain - winner's choice!)

It's on twitter, just follow @TheWyvernsTail and retweet the pinned tweet.
I ship worldwide anyway, so anyone can enter, and it closes on January 7th.


Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Christmas Promo: Get Pepe 1/2 Price With Loque or Skoll

   Until the 16th of December, buy either Loque'nahak or Skoll - necklace or keychain - and get Pepe for half price! Add your chosen piece & Pepe to your cart, then click 'apply shop coupon code' and type 12DOCWYV in the little summoned text box.
   Because of how Etsy's discount codes work, this doesn't stack. If you want Skoll AND Loque'nahak and two Pepes at half price each, you'll have to make two seperate transactions - one for Skoll & Pepe and one for Loque & Pepe. Shipping will be refunded on the second order.

Saturday, 26 November 2016

WoW Jewellery Black Friday Sale

   Hey everyone. Just another brief post. I do intend to return to Atherya's diary, but at first I got caught up playing my warlock then my hunter in Legion, and now my death knight has been handed the reins, but now I'm also handling Christmas sales in my Etsy shop.
   So this is a post to say I will be back! And also to let you all know that, should you have been interested in my Skoll, Loque'nahak or Pepe necklaces, I'm having a Black Friday sale until the 29th of November.

Sale dates: November 24th - 29th
15% off of all products (excluding bundles and gift sets)
Code: BFCM1615
Free gift with all orders in the sale period

   This will also be the last discount sale before Christmas, and I've laid out order deadline dates for Christmas delivery. Orders placed after these dates will be seen to immediately and shipped out as soon as possible, and I will be making more frequent post runs, so they could easily still arrive in time, but I can't guarantee them. The dates are listed in my shop's policies and shop announcement box, but I'll put them here, too:

USA & Rest of the world: December 2nd
Canada & Europe: December 9th
UK: December 16th

I ship from the UK, and domestic shipping is £1.50 and for the rest of the world it's $5.

Monday, 31 October 2016

Pepe Necklace

   He's a late and unplanned addition, but I made a small batch of Pepe necklaces the other day and listed them in my Etsy shop, and it's officially the smallest thing I've made. Pepe is about 5mm and the jar is just 1.5cm tall, cork included. Teeny tiny!! And I'm dead pleased with how he came out, too!


Wednesday, 19 October 2016

World of Warcraft Necklaces

   I was asked a while ago why I don't make WoW themed necklaces, and the truth was that, back then, I wasn't very confident in what I made so I didn't want to try to make something more specific and iconic, you know? And to be honest I still don't feel I'm far enough along with my jewellery skills to succeed in doing so - if anything, what I'm about to show you kind of proved it to me, but not enough to hold back.

   So I decided at long last to try my hand at a few easier ones, based on how well I'd gotten on with other animals, but it was tricky to keep their characteristics. Colours turned out not to be a problem, but their shapes were a little harder than expected. Still, I'm proud of how they turned out. So, I give you Skoll and Loque'nahak. They didn't photograph too well - Loque'nahak appears a little yellow, though he isn't, and I need a more downward view on Skoll because he has a lovely bushy tail which you can't see in the image straight-on.
   The jars are 2cm wide and 3cm tall, and both Skoll and Loque'nahak are just over 1cm big. Chains are 16 inches, but a 2 inch extension can always be added for free if you add a note at checkout.
   I do take custom orders for ordinary animals and pets and they come out quite well, and while I'm happy to accept custom orders for other game creatures too, I don't think I'll be able to accept just any because sometimes they can look amazing but too exotic to reproduce in such a small scale. But if there's something you'd like, please don't hesitate to contact me on Etsy - generally I'll be able to tell you right away if I'll be able to do it and give you a price.