Thursday, 30 May 2013

Armoured Bloodwing Mount Now Available

The new mount, the Armoured Bloodwing, is now available in both the EU (20 EUR, 17 GBP) and US (25 USD) Blizzard stores. Still no sign as of yet of the Fey Dragon. Speculation has it as the next mount reward for the Annual Pass, others have it as a new trading card game mount, and others still suggest a high-end achievement.

Comment to win an Armoured Bloodwing mount on Wowhead and MMO-Champion
Please read their respective rules before entering or you risk getting yourself disqualified.

Wallpaper and Advertisement Feature

   Well, I just added two new features to the blog. You can find their links along the top, beneath the header, (don't worry, the foul font is only temporary!). One link takes you to a page of screenshots and wallpapers - they're all currently at 1366x768 because of my funny shaped monitor, but they will fit most standard screens without stretching. At this point, the only wallpapers are screenshots, and most of them have some sort of photoshopped effect on them to make them a little more special.

   The second section is a sponsor and advertisement section. By going here, you can purchase an ad space on my sidebar for 30 days. The ads are managed through PassionFruit, and cost only $3. Every ad also allows you to write a guest post for this blog. I'm only accepting relevant ads, however - game-related ads, be they World of Warcraft or not. Any other ads will be refused.

   More features will be added over time, including very short stories, and existing features will be added to.

Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Twilight of the Dragons


   I'm a bit behind the times with this set, but I got my hands on a Twilight of the Dragons Epic Collection. This one seems to be quite hard to find, but I suppose it is quite old.

"Deathwing the Destroyer has arrived in the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game and he's brought both the Twilight and Black dragonflights with him. Tainted by corrupt magic before they were hatched, the Twilight dragons threaten to bring an age of darkness to the land. Unleash their fiery fury as you crack open packs of Twilight of the Dragons, in stores now.

Embrace the chaos and ally with Nefarian, Cho'gall, and Sinestra, or defend Azeroth against their assault by joining Thrall, Caelestrasz, Merithra, Arygos, Anachronos, and the elemental ascendants. In this time of great peril, will you join Deathwing's forces or defend against it? Choose your side and prepare for war!"

   Like other Epic Collections, it gives you a collector's box with class dividers, 6 expansion-appropriate booster packs, 5 foil heroes, a deck box, and, of course, a common loot card, in this case the Nightsaber Cub. I actually managed to pull another Nightsaber Cub loot card out of one of the booster packs, but, sadly, no Amani Dragonhawk, and no Fool's Gold, and since these booster packs are virtually non-existant now, this was my only chance. But no matter!
   I bought this set mostly for the collector's box. My War of the Ancients Epic Collection box is full to the brim with cards, so I was in desperate need of a new one. I could have bought the Betrayal of the Guardian Epic Collection, but I didn't. Despite how big a fan I am of Medivh, the art of TotD appealed to me more.

   This expansion is an amazing one for - you guessed it - black and twilight dragons. After just these six packs I have an abundance of them, which is a shame since I'm currently working on a Timewalker's deck, so these black and twilight dragons don't really lend themselves to it much.
   It's a pretty nice expansion, though, and my second Epic Collection. I love the trading card game, I do, but I have got to hold my hands up and admit that I love loot cards just as much, so fully half of the reason I buy these Epic Collections, and booster packs, is my chance at an awesome loot card.

A Screenshot Post


   This is just a screen-shot post of my favourite locations in World of Warcraft. There are more notable ones, and prettier ones, but these are the ones I want to share. I collected these up in-game specifically for this post, I enjoyed it, and I might torture you all with it again.

The Black Temple, Outland. Illidan's location, though it was once a temple belonging to the Draenai. Illidan is my favourite villain, because his story interests me more than anyone else's, even though the Lich King is still quite impressive. I'm most interested by the lore around the War of the Ancients and Draenor.

The Dark Portal, Outland. This is the second portal that was constructed, after the destruction of the first. It heads straight to Azeroth, and is enormous.

The floating city of Dalaran, Northrend. This is the best screenshot I could get while keeping the city in view. It's very big, so getting everything in is impossible if I want to stop it from fading into the clouds. Dalaran was originally in Hillsbrad, but it was moved to protect it. In its original location there's a huge crater, surrounded by a giant magical barrier. The one problem I have with this is that the ruined buildings surrounding the crater don't correlate to the architecture at all.

Icecrown Citidel, Northrend. The Lich King's location. There are a few really nice heroic dungeons in there, some of the best of the expansion, and, of course, the final raid which sees the defeat of the Lich King. Koruth and I have killed him, and though we did that during Cataclysm, when we were 5 levels above the Lich King, he was still really difficult with a vaguely organised group, and is one of my proudest accomplishments in the game.

This is the Temple of the White Tiger, Pandaria. I love this place, mainly for its looks, and Xuen himself. Otherwise there's not much more about it that I'm interested. Xuen, the White Tiger, appears to be the leader of Pandaria's god-like aspects. The equivalent, I suppose, to the Dragon Aspects of Life, Magic, Dream, Earth/Death and Time.

Dawn's Blossom, Pandaria. This is just a small town in Pandaria, in my favourite zone, the Jade Forest. Most settlements within the Jade Forest look like this, and I just love it. The colours, the water, the architecture, it's lush.

This was originally posted on my personal blog, but I figured that,
since there isn't much on this blog at the moment, I'd slap it up on here too.