Thursday, 30 May 2013

Wallpaper and Advertisement Feature

   Well, I just added two new features to the blog. You can find their links along the top, beneath the header, (don't worry, the foul font is only temporary!). One link takes you to a page of screenshots and wallpapers - they're all currently at 1366x768 because of my funny shaped monitor, but they will fit most standard screens without stretching. At this point, the only wallpapers are screenshots, and most of them have some sort of photoshopped effect on them to make them a little more special.

   The second section is a sponsor and advertisement section. By going here, you can purchase an ad space on my sidebar for 30 days. The ads are managed through PassionFruit, and cost only $3. Every ad also allows you to write a guest post for this blog. I'm only accepting relevant ads, however - game-related ads, be they World of Warcraft or not. Any other ads will be refused.

   More features will be added over time, including very short stories, and existing features will be added to.

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