Monday, 17 June 2013

Baby Ape + Arctic Fox Kit

   It took some time of half-assed camping but I finally got my baby ape. In truth, actually, I wasn't even camping when I found this little guy. I was actually heading to Booty Bay to redeem my Spurious Sarcophagus loot card (then changed my mind and put it on my Blood Elf), when I happened to stop and check Jaguero Island. I don't know if it just took a little while to load, but I could swear that it started to rain just 10 seconds after I got there. I was under the impression that the baby apes actually stayed on the island for about 20 minutes after the rain had ended, and that I had gotten lucky enough to find them just after the rain had stopped. I was wrong. The rain lasted about 20 minutes, and as soon as the sky cleared up, the baby apes vanished.

My little baby ape, along with Jukapa

   Some advice I will offer people camping it: don't wait along the shore if you have the battle pet tracker on. You'll get excited any time a shore crab walks within range. Instead, wait on the hill in the middle, either on the top or on its eastern slope. When it starts to rain, even if your graphics are too low to notice the shift in weather, your mini map will light up with green paws.
   Another hint which has been said a lot over on Wowhead, is that, just because it's raining on the rest of the Cape of Stranglethorn, doesn't mean that it's raining over the island. Zones with weather-dependant pets actually have weather sub-zones, which means that the weather will change to allow them to spawn, but only in those specific places, and if you're flying around looking, it can be a little unnoticable.
   I managed to catch the Arctic Fox Kit in Storm Peaks while hunting the TLPD (I know, no one cares any more, but since so many people have either given up or caught it already, I figured I'd have a go at some camping), and what I noticed was that the snow didn't fall from very high over the spawn points. In fact, it was pretty low down. It was as if a small box had been put up over the spawn points that was just slowly emptying its contents. What I did see, however, was that when it snows in one of the spawn points, it snows in all of them, and they spawn all over. If you go hunting for this little cutey then you'll want to ignore looking for the snow and just look for them on your mini map.

My arctic fox kit with Jutaa

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