Sunday, 2 June 2013

Infinte Whelpling - How Did I Miss It?

   I was scrolling through the uncaught pets in my pet battle interface this morning when I came across this little beauty. I'm not sure how I managed to miss it, though! I love dragons, and whelplings even moreso, and I am particularly fond of the Bronze Dragonflight - so how did I manage to miss this?!

The Infinite Whelpling spawns randomly like any other capturable pet, and in all qualities. It spawns, for the most part, just outside of the Caverns of Time where Anachronos used to be, but a few can be found inside the caverns around where he is now as well. I was quite surprised, though - due to my success capturing the Unborn Val'kyr the day before, I had thought that this would be a cake walk. I was wrong. There were an awful lot of people camping them, even though they weren't all that rare. I think I waited for something like an hour and a half to finally even be able to battle one. Fortunately, I had thought ahead and brought out my Terrible Turnip. He killed my level 10 turnip, but I did get him without accidentally killing him. I'm not too keen on its face, to be honest, it's really just a recolour of the existing common whelpling, but it does have those rather special black flakey bits drifting off of its wings! :D

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