Saturday, 1 June 2013

Unborn Val'kyr

   Whenever new things like pets and mounts are added, I always think "oooooooh" but generally accept that they'll be difficult to get, if even at all possible for me. So when pet battles were added, I was quite excited about the many, many new pets I could finally get. It's quite funny, really, because a few months before battle pets announcements were made, I had began thinking how awesome it would be to have a profession where you could catch critters and have them as companion pets. Well, pet battles has given me that 'profession'. But when I finally tried it out, I found it quite tiresome. I first tried it while levelling in Pandaria and didn't know why my pets always died right away. Because they were level 1s against level 23s. That was why. Well, when I realised my mistake, I tried it in Durotar once Daeaye was level 90, and got on well enough - the problem was that it was repetative and boring, even though the levels were moving so fast to begin with. I soon gave up when my wind rider cub was about level 7, and never really thought I'd bother with it again.
   It wasn't until more awesome pets were added into the game, that were only obtainable through these battles, that I really had another look, and decided to take it back up again. Well, it moved quite quickly after that point, since I had a clearer goal (ie: the cloud serpent pets) and before I knew it, my wind rider cub was level 15. I gave it a rest for a while, but this time with full intention of coming back, and then the Unborn Val'kyr was announced. Now, I loved the look of it, just as so many, many other people have, but found it had a huge respawn time, was quite rare, and required an almost max level pet to successfully battle against. I didn't think I'd ever get it, because I figured that people would camp the shit out of it.
   Either way, I decided to get on with levelling my pets again, and when my mis-matched team were each level 21, I headed out, a little belatedly, to Northrend to continue levelling.
   Anachronos must be more empty than I thought, because I found it at the second spawn point I visited, in Borean Tundra, on my first search, just the same as I found Sambas at the second spawn point in Twilight Highlands on my first search.

 And I caught it :D

   What surprised me after Koruth looked at it on Wowhead was that it is actually able to spawn in all qualities, and I just got super lucky to have it spawn as a rare for me. Her abilities are also quite awesome, but a bit risky if you're not paying attention to the battles like me sometimes. Her level 10/20 abilities are both sort of sacrifices. The first transitions her from her body to the target's and she is, in a way, dead. A new pet comes into play and attacks the now possessed creature. But if you kill the creature she's possessing before she leaves it or forfeit the match then she doesn't reclaim her body and 'respawn' at the end of the battle, and is properly dead.
The second sacrifices her remaining health to increase damage taken on the targeted by 25% for 9 rounds, actually killing her.

   She also has a nice little extra as a casual companion pet: occasionally, if you pass by a dead critter, she will resurrect it. It doesn't happen every time - I know because I killed several critters and walked her by each about 5 times before she did anything - but it's quite cool when she does. Don't you just love pets with extras?

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