Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Reign of Fire - Opening

   Having made a nice sale on Etsy the other day, I was able to afford a few packs on the new TCG expansion's release. I pre-ordered 12 packs and impatiently waited for them to arrive. In true Chaos Cards style, they were on my doorstep early the morning of the release date.
   I gave 6 to Koruth and we opened them together, and these were the best cards we got:

   Three hero cards - Monster Hero Zovaar the Fallen, Monster Hero Lady Vashj, and Alliance Hero Illidan Stormrage. These are all new artworks on the pre-existing cards, and have the same abilities as the previous versions. I actually quite prefer the older version of Vashj, but the newer version of Illidan wins by miles.

   Crafted cards - instead of sending in Justice, Crafting Materials, Sigil or Archaeology cards for the cards they make, you have a chance at pulling some of the actual crafted cards out of your packs. We got the Opal of the Secret Order and Threadlinked Chain, which were both created by Justice cards, and the Ancient Amber, which, I think, was made by either Sigils or Archaeology cards - I can't remember where I saw the card first.

   And these two I linked for funsies. Call of C'Thun, a rare quality card exclusive to the expansion, which I love because, well, Old God. And the loot card I was lucky enough to pull out, the Thunderhead Hippogryph. Certainly better than the Path of Cenarius!

   Has anyone else had anything exciting?

Use the code WYVERN at checkout on ChaosCards if you spend more than £10 of WoW products, and get a free WoW booster pack. Valid in the UK and EU only. These packs were purchased by myself.


  1. OMG! Grats on the pet! Much better than Path of Cenarius, I do like flowery feet though!

  2. Thanks! I was relatively sure I'd get a loot card, but just because it's 1:9 doesn't mean I WILL. But I'm dead chuffed it was a good one! And flowery feet are awesome - though I do prefer the Footsteps of Illidan as far as foot effects go :P

  3. Congratulations on the Hippogryph card! Seeing this post makes me want to buy booster packs again, but I always get dissapointment from them :(

  4. I know exactly what you mean. I don't know if I've just been getting lucky lately, or if I was insanely unlucky before, but I've been seeing loot cards pop up more and more often in the last couple of expansions.
    There are several websites you can go to to buy individual cards, including loot cards, with better prices than ebay, and while I've done that a few times, I really enjoy the excitement that comes from opening booster packs to find awesome epics, Hero cards and, of course, loot!


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