Friday, 19 July 2013

Reign of Fire Update

 Edit: if anyone has had any trouble using the code WYVERN on Chaos Cards, it's been fixed. It should now properly apply the free WoW booster pack when buying £10 or more of WoW products. You can also pre-order the new Reign of Fire packs, too.

   I pulled this info from The Crimson Hammer (whose original post is here) regarding the new WoW TCG expansion. This info is particularly interesting to those of us with more money than sense who are more interested in loot cards than the TCG :P
   Basically, as Luxypie has said in the past, the loot cards in this expansion are just a repeat of past loot cards. However, while there is nothing new here, it does mean that we all get a renewed chance at any pet, mount or novelty item we've wanted. This extends as far back as Upper Deck's cards, and as recent as the Betrayal of the Guardian expansion.
   But what's most interesting, and may lead to a few heartattacks, are 'god packs' - seemingly ordinary looking booster packs which contain 'not one, not two, but fifteen Loot Cards – primarily rare Loot cards – instead of the standard cards you expect to open' - how about that?! There really is something for everyone in this next expansion.

   It's being released on Tuesday the 23rd - and remember, you can get a free WoW booster pack if you buy from Chaos Cards and use the code WYVERN at checkout.

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