Saturday, 20 July 2013

The Diary of Atherya Sunleaf - Entry 10: The Gryphon's Feather

62nd Day of Spring

   The Stonewrought Dam is a mess. Just about half of it has been broken away, and water still runs down from its wound. I had a good look at the lake beneath it, and fragments of rock that had surely been out of the water's reach atop the dam are covered in algae. It's been like this for some time now. There are even threshadons in the water, though there seems too little to properly accommodate them. The poor things are clearly stranded, either way.
   I've heard conflicting tales about the dam's destruction. Most stories say that Deathwing's wingbeat tore it apart as he flew over during the Shattering, but a few say that it was the Dark Iron Dwarves. Whatever the case, the Dwarves of the Dark Iron clan have now seized control of what's now little more than a wall. I'll see if I can get up there and have a careful look, at any rate. I don't believe that the Dark Iron Dwarves are a part of the Alliance, so at least I won't have to contend with reinforcements.

   I stayed in an inn last night, as I was passing by. I admit fully that it was a terribly risky move given the territory I'm in, but it's just been so wet and cold out here in the rain that I needed a dry bed, some warm food and certainly a bath. Plus, I was certain that Styric would appreciate fresh hay and a dry stable just as much.
   The woman tending to the small inn was a Kal'dorei - a Night Elf, an ancestor of my people - and though I did my best to change my eyes from a green to a sky-blue, I'm certain that she saw through my poor disguise. She was likely three hundred years old, and with myself at a meagre one hundred and eight, there was little chance of outsmarting her. But, if I'm not just mistaken, and she did see through it, she never made any great deal out of it. She gave me longer looks and watched my movements more closely than she did anyone else, and when she sat me down for my meal, she put me in a corner out of everyone's way. I don't know if it was so I wouldn't upset anyone, or so no one would upset me, but I was so grateful for the fact that she accommodated me despite our differences that I payed her double this morning. While I have encountered other races associated with the Alliance who have wished me no harm, such as the Argent Crusade, I hadn't put much thought to those within the Alliance. I had naturally assumed that they were all my enemies. I now hold these people in slightly higher regard; they're not all aching to kill us.
   Styric had even been groomed when I got back to her.
   Unfortunately, tonight I'm nowhere near an inn, and have camped in the mountains between the fortress passes. I wish I had more of that delicious honey-roasted ham.

-- Atherya Sunleaf              

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