Monday, 29 July 2013

What Do You Want To See More Of?

   Mists of Pandaria has been an extremely different expansion to most others. MoP seems to be taking particular notice of things like vanity items and exploration, much more so than other expansions. I don't believe there have been any new dungeons since the beginning, only new raids and scenarios. More focus has been put into patch zones and new factions and daily quest hubs, more so than the others. The closest the others came was the Molten Front. But how do you all feel about that?
   Given that I don't raid and have only just started to take up scenarios again (I'm still not confident enough in my abilities or people skills to return to dungeons yet), I think it's pretty obvious that I'm quite happy with its direction (so, dear haters, not everyone hates the direction Blizzard have gone with MoP).
   But what would you want to see more of in WoW? More focus in group activities? More depth for factions? Greater incentive to dungeon? To be honest, I think that some people expect too many rewards. They seem to forget that one big incentive to raid and dungeon is to experience this new content, and another big incentive to raid is to actually kill some of the biggest villains - for the most part Illidan, the Lich King, Deathwing, some Old Gods and so on. At least, that's the only reason I ever consider raiding. But, of course, being a totally incapable individual, I have to wait until I totally outlevel the dungeon to have a real chance at it, or catch a group doing a transmog run who won't be too concerned about mistakes (and whose presence would probably prevent cock-ups). But I'm okay with that. Better outlevel the dungeon by an expansion or two than be responsible for a wipe.

What about you?

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