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WIN! WoW TCG War of the Ancients Epic Collection

The competition is now closed, and the winner has been contacted. Thanks everyone who entered, and thanks to Chaos Cards for donating the prize! There will hopefully be a few more prizes of this grandeur at some point in the future, and definitely some loot card competitions - I've already got about 10 loot cards ready! I'm hoping to get a few awesome WoW competitions set up with handmade prizes - for both giveaways like this, and participational competitions, such as creative writing, screenshots, unique ideas and so on, so keep watching!

   I've got an amazing offer for you all! As some of you might know, I'm a big fan of the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game. In part, yes, for the loot cards. I first started buying years ago to try to get loot cards, but it didn't last long since I didn't find anything in my first 4 packets. But I've also been buying the Collector's Editions of WoW since Wrath, and in both Wrath and Cata, the CE had a full TCG deck. I've lost my Wrath deck through unforseen circumstances, but I sill have my Cata deck. Something came up - I don't remember what - but it caused Koruth to go through my Worgen Warlock deck, and we decided that, since we had a full deck already, we could buy another deck and have a go at the game. Koruth ended up buying the Elderlimb (Ancient Druid) deck (which was stupidly overpowered as far as I'm concerned), and before long, we had 5 pre-made decks (Cata's Worgen Warlock, Elderlimb Monster Druid, Night Elf Rogue, Murkdeep Monster Shaman and Blood Elf Deathknight) and one self-built (Timewalker).
   We didn't really know where to get the booster packs since we live in a pretty quiet area along the urban-to-rural fringe, so all we really had was Amazon, and on Amazon we had no choice but to buy them in bulk, so we never did. Then Koruth found this awesome site - Chaos Cards - that sold the booster packs individually, in packs of 5 and 10, in full 24 pack boxes, and, something I'd never heard of: Epic Collections. They also sell loads of other card games, too, like Pokemon, Skylanders,Weiss Schwarz and so on, but our interest was limited.
   Chaos Cards are awesome, because they have a huge product range, including loads of booster packs from Upper Deck as well as Cryptozoic, and packs that are really hard to find. They also stock raid and dungeon decks (yes, they take several players), WoW card protectors and things like that. Their shipping is pretty good, too, which satisfies my impatience and miser's spirit, so I've become a regular customer with them. They have amazing offers, like getting free card protectors when you spend more than £10, or a free pokemon online code card when you spend over £15, or a free WoW booster pack when you spend over £35 (you can only choose one offer per order, though), so there's an awesome incentive to buy. But continue reading for an even better offer!

Twilight of the Dragons Epic Collection

   But back to my point: Epic Collections. I've bought two in the past - War of the Ancients, and Twilight of the Dragons - and they're amazing for new collectors, and veterans. Epic Collections are released with every expansion and always feature all of the following:
• A box, and a pretty good quality box. It's a good 3mm thick, fully illustrated and relevant to its expansion, and is designed for keeping your millions of cards in (or bits and bobs you've got lying around if you're not much of a collector).
• Card seperators assigning class, allies, equipment, resources and so on, for keeping your cards good and organised and fit firmly into the box.
• A plastic deck box which, like the bigger box, is fully illustrated, and has a Velcro closure. It's got a single seperator, also illustrated, to seperate two full 60-card decks which easily fit into the box.
• A card mat which is used to display your cards on while playing, and a very common sight in the championships. Personally I find some of them too bright and distracting to use while playing, but they're about 25 inches long and are perfect to use beneath your keyboard and mouse. They're non-slip on the bottom and have the feel of a soft mousemat on top.
• 5-6 random foil Hero cards, depending on the box. A Hero card is essentially your 'main character' - if it dies in the game, you lose. You have to do what you can to keep it alive while killing the opponant, by using allies, such as protector cards, healers and DPS to attack the opponant and defend your Hero, and you can kit it out in item and gear cards (just about all of which are also in-game items) to increase its defence, attack and things like that. There are also ability cards, like spells and the like specific to your Hero's class, and there are also neutral abilities that can be used by any class.
• 5-6 booster packs, depending on the box. If there are 5 Hero cards there are usually 6 booster packs and vice versa. The booster packs are those from the same expansion, are are true booster packs, meaning each one has the chance to yeild a loot card, an epic and so on.
• A common loot card, which is usually the pet. Pets are the most common loot cards in Cryptozoic's cards. The middle loot card in the Cryptozoic cards are usually novelty items that can change appearance or replace your hearthstone (I've been after the Dark Portal Hearthstone for SOOOO LONG), and the rarest loot card in expansions are mounts. The booster packs supplied in Epic Collections can yeild any (or if you're sickeningly lucky, all) of these loot cards.

War of the Ancients Epic Collection

   But now onto what you're all likely waiting for: Chaos Cards have supplied me with a War of the Ancients Epic Collection to give to one lucky winner! The War of the Ancients is my favourite expansion because the War of the Ancients is probably my favourite period in WoW history, and the expansion features a lot of demons, Night Elves and things like that. Also, I love the artwork, featuring Malfurion, Tyrande and Illidan (Demon Hunter form) in the centre, as well as Queen Azshara and Mannoroth off to one side. The loot cards are also pretty good - I tried so many times to find the Fel Drake, but never got lucky. I did get two 'fake' cards, as I rather sourly call them - two Fel Drake cards without the golden loot strip, and three Eye of the Legions - but I did find the true Demon Hunter's Aspect, which I was so excited about.
   This specific Epic Collection features 6 War of the Ancients booster packs, 5 Hero cards, and the guaranteed loot card is the Eye of the Legion pet, which can be used in Pet Battles and is of rare quality. It's also one of my favourites despite its simplicity. I always have it out on my Undead Warlock, Spinegrinder, and is an amazing Warlock companion pet - particularly an Orc warlock since it's model is that of the Eye of Kilrogg.

   And, as an added bonus, Chaos Cards has been awesome enough to supply my blog with a unique and permanent promotional code! It's currently displayed in my sidebar with a link to the website. Usually you have to spend £35 or more on their website to get a free WoW booster pack, but if you input the code 'WYVERN' at checkout, you can get a free WoW booster pack if your order totals just £10 or more (not including shipping). You must live within the UK or Europe for this to apply.

   All you have to do to win is fill out Rafflecopter below. For those of you unfamiliar with Rafflecopter, all you need to do is either sign in with Facebook, or sign up with your name and email address on the widget below - that's all it'll ask you for, no other details. Then you do the entries displayed below, all of which are optional. You can do as many or as few as you'd like. This method of entering is used very frequently where giveaways are concerned, and I've used it a good number of times on my personal blogs. The program uses to randomly select a winner. I can then view the winner's name and email address (as given through manual sign-up, or your facebook email) and contact them directly to notify them and gather the details I need.
   I have lots of giveaways planned for this blog in the future, including loot cards I've been saving up (some of which are particularly exciting) and lots of handmade goods from handmade sellers, and this will be the way they will be done, unless they require active participation such as in an art competition and the like.
   This giveaway is open worldwide and shipping is free, payed for out of my own pocket. The winner will be notified directly rather than publicly announced, but when the winner has been chosen, I will update the top of this post to say they've been contacted. If you've not received a message then you won't have won. To ensure that my message won't end up in your spam folder should you win, you can add my email address to your contacts.
   Please also note that entries will be checked. If the winning entry is a false entry (ie the individual claims to have tweeted, but there is no trace of said tweet) then their entries will be disqualified and a new winner chosen.

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   If the widget above won't load, you can do the entries manually, and enter through comments. Be sure to comment for each individual entry (and be warned, it's quite clear if you've not done the entry you claim to have). Be sure to leave your email address on each comment so that I can contact you if you win. Your entries will be added to the Rafflecopter number of entries at the end and will include your entries.
1. Tweet the following: 'Win an awesome WoW TCG Epic Collection, with a guaranteed loot card! @TheWyvernsTail'
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5. Purchase from Chaos Cards and use the code 'Wyvern' at checkout if your purchase comes to £10 or more before shipping (UK & EU only)

The fine print: as said above, this giveaway is open worldwide, and the amazing prize was supplied directly by Chaos Cards. It is being shipped to the winner by myself out of my own pocket. I will not accept bribes or anything of the sort. The winner will have 72 hours to respond to the email notification. If they do not, then a new winner will be chosen and notified. All decisions are final. Should you wish to obtain an Epic Collection and live within the UK or Europe, you can purchase from Chaos Cards. Be sure to use the code 'WYVERN' at checkout if you spend more than £10 so they know I sent you!


  1. Oh I want to enter but I don't play! Let me leave a comment to say what a cool comp :)

  2. What a great prize. That artwork looks exceptional. Good luck to whoever wins.

  3. Not only is this a great prize but I'd never heard of Chaos Cards before now. I don't really play the TCG (yet) because I don't have the starting stuff (i.e. from an Epic Collection) but I do pick up booster packs when I'm feeling lucky and/or theyre on offer. Chaos Cards seems to sell them at reasonable prices too :)

  4. They're awesome. I only started because I had a full deck lying around, but it's great fun to play ^^ plus, to be honest, the chance at loot cards is pretty sweet ;P there's a new expansion coming out on July 23rd called Reign of Fire, and the loot cards are ALL of the ones that have ever been released, including the spectral tiger. I've seen a preview of some of the cards in the expansion, there are some pretty awesome heros to play with! Plus you'd be surprised how many cards you'll end up collecting from just a few booster packs!

  5. The artwork is really nice, which to be honest is a small factor as to why I play ^^


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