Monday, 8 July 2013

World of Warcraft Watercolours

Check back frequently for new watercolours! I'll get better in time, and maybe open commissions for watercolours of your characters if I can get good enough!

   I've always been creative, but I've never been necessarily good at anything I do. I'm sort of a Jack of all trades, master of none kind of person. I'll try a lot of different things but I won't be too good at it.
   I tried watercolours a long time ago, since my dad was pretty good at them, but I always preferred acrylics because of the bolder colours, but I got on surprisingly well with watercolours after only a little practice. I ended up leaving them alone because I prefer to work on canvasses than paper, but I recently returned to them for some experimentation.
   Last night, while absently watching Dispicable Me and Wreck-It Ralph, I tried a few watercolours.
   I've not had much practise lately, but I've done these two so far (I may yet add more work to them):

Unborn Val'kyr Watercolour

Val'kyr Watercolour

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  1. These are amazing! They turned out great!

    1. Thank you! Considering I've had little practise, I'm quite over the moon with them, too :D I'm going to try an Ethereal next. If I can get more practised with them and do a much better job, I'm hoping I might be able to take commissions eventually ^^

  2. Love them both but the pet is my favourite.

  3. They are both awesome but I'm with Cymre in that I prefer the unborn one.

  4. That's quite interesting because I actually prefer the adult! I'm working on a Voidcaller and Skoll at the moment ^^


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