Saturday, 13 July 2013

WoW Trading Card Game Promotional Code


   Just a heads up to anyone in Europe who plays the WoW TCG: if you buy from, be sure to enter the code 'WYVERN' at checkout. If your order comes to £10 or more, before shipping - which I'm sure you'll be aware is pretty easy to do - you'll get an extra WoW booster pack for free. This code is exclusive to The Wyvern's Tail, so it's pretty special, and if you use it, it lets them know where you found them!
   Chaos Cards stocks all of the new WoW booster packs, as well as class and Monster decks, raid and dungeon decks, WoW card protectors (including the awesome Succubus design), Epic Collections and card mats. They've also got a lot of really rather hard to find booster packs like Archives (which contain only foil versions of the best cards in the game, and also gives you a chance at the Spectral Tiger mount and Robotic Homing Chicken pet), the Scourgewar Epic Collection and The Hunt For Illidan.

   So remember: the next time you lovely Europeans are looking to buy some WoW booster packs - either because you're avid players or dedicated loot hunters - head over to Chaos Cards and use this code. And also remember that the newest TCG expansion, Reign of Fire, is really worth buying regardless of the type of buyer you are, because the loot cards are more common, and every single loot card that has ever existed in the WoW TCG is obtainable. So you're luck is likely to be greater this time around.

ALSO, check back here tomorrow for a special WoW TCG competition!

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