Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Daeaye's Hunter Pets

   As I've said before, Hunters are brilliant when it comes down to making them feel your own, because of the fact that there are so many different choices for pets. I've tamed most of the taming challenges in Cata, and her stable was almost full until they finally expanded it again. But there are a few pets that I have a deep attachment to for one reason or another.

Jutaa (Highlands Fox)

   Jutaa is a silver fox. I first saw them while levelling my Worgen Druid, and thought they looked awesome. I love foxes, personally, and I've had them make a den in my front garden. Seriously, it was so awesome to watch the mother and her four kits roam around the street at night. We live in a cul-de-sac in a relatively quiet neighbourhood anyway, so they were quite safe. They've made dens in our garden for a few years now. Also, the best-selling item in my handmade jewellery shop is my miniature fox in a jar necklace, which is one of the few pieces I made for myself, too.
   Anyway, as soon as she was able to, I took Daeaye to Gilneas and tamed the silver fox, since it was the lowest level silver fox in the game, the next level being something like 50. I think.
   I used Jutaa until level 47. I know this because I don't remember seeing her level go past that until I took her out of the stable at 90 for a quick screenshot with the Arctic Fox Kit.
   As adorable as Jutaa is, she isn't exactly the most logical pet for a Troll. But because I had her for so long, I feel Daeaye feels a bond with her.

   My next pet was Litu. I loved her. I found her late in Winterspring, and I loved the model. Most other cats looked kind of rough, but the coats of the Frostsabers were nice and smooth. It had the same model as Shango, which I later tamed and used for a couple of levels, but Litu was with me through Outland and most of Northrend. She didn't suit a Troll either, but I felt a big cat was more appropriate than a fox. I just loved how silky she looked, and I still get warm, fuzzy feelings when I see them in Winterspring, or when I see her in the stable. The same goes for Jutaa, but not so much for others of Jutaa's model.

Xuca (Loque'nahak)

   Loque'nahak is one of the more highly sought-after pets. I have got to admit to being quite lucky with things in WoW. I remember I only bought 3 eggs before getting the Green Proto Drake, and that was before the drop rate and timer was nerfed. Koruth, on the other hand, had been trying for a year or so, and finally got it about 2 weeks before the nerf. He was not pleased. I also had great luck with Sambas as told below, and the same goes with Rivendare's Charger and the Raven Lord's Mount
   But anyway, I 'camped' for Loque' for a few days. When I say 'camped', though, I mean I flew around the spawn points for about an hour before giving up and logging off, and I did this about four times. Then the servers underwent maintenance on a Wednesday, as usual, and when I logged in, he was right in front of me. I tamed him, and he stayed with me for a while, until I changed to Marksmanship at the forceful suggestion of a HC pug group.
   Xuca is the only Spirit Beast I've ever really used. Sure, I tamed others, but I've never used them. I just tamed them because they were rare, and they were there. But he's important to me for that, and for being the first rare pet I'd ever had.

Zahemba (Sambas)

   I had huge luck with this pet, as I touched on above. Basically, I first saw it in a screenshot of another hunter when I was like, leve 40. I thought it looked so amazing, and thought it was appropriate for a Troll (I have sinced realised my mistake: Trolls are, for the most part, jungle-dwellers, and lions are usually in the savannah. Tigers are usually jungle-dwellers). The screenshot was taken in Uldum so I had thought the pet came from there, which didn't help when I saw a few NPCs with the same model. So for ages I flew around looking for it. I didn't have NPC Overlay, and I didn't know the rare's name either, so I couldn't look it up. I don't remember how I came across its name, but when I found out, I kicked myself for all my wasted time in Uldum. Idiot. I also found out through Wowhead that it was heavily camped, so I couldn't really be bothered with it for a while. One day, however, I looked up its spawn points and figured I had nothing to lose by looking. So I made my way to Twilight Highlands, looked in the first spot. He wasn't there. I didn't expect him to be. So I continued onwards to the second spot. I must have had him cached, or something, because I know my NPC Scan was working. I had track beasts on, and there was a single lonesome little red dot on my mini map. I hovered over it through force of habit and it read 'Sambas'. My NPC Scan didn't go off, and so I figured it was someone's pet (though in hindsight, whether it was someone's pet or not, it would have gone off) so I flew on for a few seconds, but decided I'd fly down and check it out anyway. I landed right on top of a magnificent lion just pacing around. It took a moment to register, then I quickly dismissed my pet and tamed it immediately. I couldn't believe my luck! I used him for ages, only recently replacing him for a triceratops, but even she was replaced by a myriad of other pets.

Jukapa (Tsul'Kalu)

   Jukapa is the pet I use the most now. I'm not sure why. He's a rare nature spirit in Stranglethorn Vale, but not a true Spirit Beast. I feel that a big white gorilla is appropriate for a Troll Hunter. He's a nice tank - not perfect, but he does his job well enough day-to-day. I camped this guy for a few days until I found him, which is kind of odd, to me, since I was camping a level 40. But still, I added him to my NPC Scan and he eventually popped up. I'd love to see a new Gorilla model, but he looks pretty good anyways.

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