Thursday, 1 August 2013

Entry 13: Tomb of The Watcher

69th Day of Spring

   This place is amazing. The Reliquary - an archaeological organisation created by my own people to uncover magical artifacts - have set up a base beside the digsite, which appears to be a Titan ruin. After much begging and bargaining, for which I do not feel the slightest bit of embarrassment, I was finally allowed to come down here if I promised not to touch anything.
   It's incredible. There are two huge constructs - their purposes are unknown to me as of yet - and there are Trogg skeletons here, too, half buried in the rubble. Troggs are often found in sites like these, though I can't imagine why. They surely wouldn't know what to do with any artifacts, and the only idea I have is that it's simply a place to live, what with pre-built walls and the like. There's no work that needs doing but gathering food.
   The halls are in relatively good shape, aside from a few minor cave-ins. The carvings on the walls are particularly beautiful, but I have to wonder at their purpose. The Troggs wouldn't have created them, and I doubt they could even appreciate them, but I was always under the impression that the Titans hadn't lingered; they'd created us and moved on. Ours is only one of many worlds that they have had their hand in, afterall. Looking around this place makes me wonder at just how long they were here and what they were really like, as a race. Creating life is likely an art form, so it's also likely that they could appreciate creativity and beauty.
   The carvings depict two people, male and female, sat opposite from one another. The female is holding two small children, and there are two small animals at their feet. The most obvious thing to assume as that it depicts the Titans with their 'children' - meaning us. The races they created to populate this planet. Whether the animals are simply cattle, or are suggesting at more animalistic races such as the Tauren, I don't know. Most of the carvings depict similar scenes, but at the time of their carving, the world didn't work like this. It likely signifies their intention of our world.
   There is no obvious technology here like there is in other ruins, but this only appears to be a small vault - though I fail to believe that there is none of their technology here, given what it likely contained. Either it's not been found yet, or it's already been claimed. The Explorer's league are also here, so I'm not sure which of the two would have claimed it - not that I'd be allowed to see it even if it was the Reliquary who had it.
   I'm going to go further into the ruins tomorrow and see what I can find. I would love to find something before the other teams do - not to claim it as my own, but simply to experience the discovery for myself. I'm really thoroughly enjoying this place.

-- Atherya Sunleaf              

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