Monday, 5 August 2013

Entry 14: Rescued

75th Day of Spring

   I don't remember a thing that happened in that ruin. My head is ringing, my ribs and right shoulder are wounded, and I woke up two days ago in a bed back in Fuselight only to find that three days have passed since I was brought here by a Mage. A member of the Reliquary was beside my bed when I woke up, and she told me what happened, at least from what they'd seen. Apparently, I was caught in a cave-in in an area that should have been stable, with a small figurine that matched the larger constructs in my hand. I don't know if I picked it up, or if it just happened to land in my hand during the cave-in. I'm sure I didn't pick anything up - I certainly had no intentions to, I was only looking - but at the same time, something landing in my hand and my fingers coiling around it just by chance seems too convenient.
   I can't say that I am a completely honest person, so it's possible that I did pick it up even after promising not to - some rules are made to be broken - so I'm not completely sure. I'd remember if I saw it again, but apparently they kept it at the digsite.
   The woman who I spoke with wasn't the one to have found me, or even brought me here. Apparently some Paladin heard the cave-in and found me before anyone else did. He carried me out, brought me here and healed me before venturing off somewhere else. I wonder who he was - but the odds of ever coming across him again are slim, so I suppose I should just forget about it before I begin to dwell and form some romanticised attachment to an image of a knight in shining armour. This woman said that he didn't even leave his name.
   Either way, I would desperately love to go back to that site, but I doubt that the High Examiner would let me back in after the damage I seem to have caused. It has certainly only further peaked my interest in the Titans, however, and I've found out about a much larger ruin to the north called Uldaman. Perhaps, when my injuries recover (and they seem to be at a fast rate), I may be able to head down there instead, assuming I can convince that expedition team to allow me along.

-- Atherya Sunleaf              

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