Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Entry 16: Uldaman

79th Day of Spring

   We headed into Uldaman yesterday morning at dawn. They'd already cleared a lot of the place; they didn't stop to look for artefacts in most of the initial chambers. We travelled until midday or so (I think) until the group I had accompanied had finally slowed down and began digging and searching. Speaking to one of the group, I found out that they've been digging this place out for a few years already, and that most chambers are perfectly accessible, they just need the means to enter. I had just assumed that these sorts of ruins filled with rock in the same way that things get fossilised - but that's just not the case. Rock doesn't just start to develop out of thin air. Instead, it's the caved-in passage ways and what were once possibly open-rooved paths that need excavating and clearing, but the denizens that dwelled within - Troggs and Dwarves alike - before they were displaced (what they mean by that, I don't know) had done a relatively good job of maintaining the place, minimizing the work needed.
   I also found out something quite alarming, and I wish I had spoken up sooner about it: these people seem to think I'm here to protect them. Fortunately, there are a few other individuals here who are more up to the task, so it's not down to me and me alone, but I wish I hadn't just gone along with it from the beginning just to get in here.
   The others have all gone to bed now, aside from another individual who is here to guard the place with me for the time being until we can sleep, so I'm free to update my diary. Which is clearly what I am doing.
   There were more carvings in here, similar to those in the Tomb of the Watchers - giants with children, continuing the suggestion of creation - and there are all kinds of constructs, too. I gathered a little information on the place from one of the diggers, and he told me that Uldaman is a vault that supposedly houses the secrets of the creation of the living races. In the deepest, darkest depths of the vault, the information is supposedly stored, encrypted in a language long forgotten, onto a disc, as was the way of the Titans. Of course, if no one remembers the language, then I don't see how we could read it, and that only further leads me to ask just why exactly we need it. But I suppose it's better that we have it than someone who can read it has. The last thing the world needs is someone creating life for themselves that will serve as an army. Was Arthas not bad enough with his legions of the Dead?
   I'll stop this entry here. I think I heard a noise, and I am supposed to be on guard right now.

-- Atherya Sunleaf              

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