Saturday, 17 August 2013

Entry 17: The Descent

80th Day of Spring

   I was right: I had heard a noise last night. Not three minutes after closing my journal did a group of stone Dwarves jump out and attack us. These Earthen were prepared to die to protect this place, and they had come out through a half buried door, I assume, earlier in the day. We cleared the rock away from that door today and headed inside. It was a huge corridor with the usual blueish-green hue that most Titan ruins I've heard of so far favour, and, sure as they told me, the corridor was just a bit dusty. There were old cobwebs draped over the walls, and there were a few bats in there - where they came in and left from, I don't know, but there is clearly a way for life to sustain itself within these deeply buried walls.
   This is the third day of the excavation, so the group have told me we'll probably head back out tomorrow unless they make a huge find today. If they don't, then I don't think I'll hang around. Once we reach the surface, I'll leave the Badlands and head west to the Searing Gorge. As exciting as it would be to be here when they find the disc, the fact that they've been digging in this place for so long implies that they'll probably be at it for some time longer before they find what they're looking for. Still, it's been amazing to not only see such an enormous Titan ruin - likely the biggest one I'll ever get to see - but it has been incredible to see its constructs still roaming around the halls, both Golems and Earthen, protecting the vault's contents.

-- Atherya Sunleaf              

   I had to add more to this journal today. Just as the group were about to pack up for the night, one of the diggers opened up a huge door which was far different to the others. This one had carvings all over it, and it really stood out from the rest. It was incredible. We managed to open it - myself included - and the corridor beyond took a very sudden downwards route. We went down a little way, and the group is convinced that we're close. They've said that we're going to stay here for a time longer just to see if it's worth resurfacing yet, and fortunately we have a Mage with us who can conjure food. I've never tried conjured food, but if it's all we have, I won't be picky.
   I'm really excited, but I realise how foolish it is to think that the one time I am here, they will find what they're looking for. Still, one can't help but hope. How incredible would it be to be a part of this disc's discovery?
   Once again, I'll leave it here. I'm actually being called on to help shift some rubble, so they must really think we're close if they're impatient enough to get their 'guardians' in on the dirty work.
   But I must keep reminding myself not to get my hopes up. Even if these professionals who probably know when it's worth getting excited are.

-- Atherya Sunleaf              

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