Sunday, 25 August 2013

Entry 19: The Discs of Norgannon

83rd Day of Spring

   We found the vault.
   And we found the discs.
   They are enormous. The Titans had chiselled their secrets into enormous platinum discs, and certainly none of us can read it. There are suggestions that someone in Dalaran may be able to, but I am skeptical. As wise and wonderous as the Dalaran mages are, I do not believe that they possess the necessary knowledge. I can think of no one living that would. Unless, of course, the Prophet still lives.
   There was also a...I have no idea what to call it. A sort of virtual intelligence that was able to communicate with us and explain some of the workings of the Titans. While I had already known that the Dwarves were simply a variation of the Earthen, I did not know that the Troggs were, too. The Dwarves were considered an acceptable variation and allowed to exist, but the Troggs were not, so they were locked away. I don't know if they were simply contained or whether they were killed or put to sleep, but, well, they're very much present these days.
   What was most surprising, however, was the fact that there was treasure in the vault. For the life of me, I cannot fathom why the Titans would hoard gold and jewels and, would you believe, weapons. It's almost certain that we are not the first ones here. The door was firmly shut, with no Troggs anywhere near it, and I don't think the Earthen would have done it, but who else could have? The weaponry and armour is of a size too small for a Titan - of course, I cannot say for certain how large they are - so I don't think they'd have even made it, let alone used it.
   It's something that the diggers are brushing off. I suppose that, as long as they have the discs, they're happy. And it doesn't affect me any that the treasure is here. I followed suit of the other mercenaries and filled my pockets. It's so dusty that it's not as if the person who put it there will be back for it any time soon. I watched the others pick out pieces of armour and weapons, but none of it was built to fit a person of my...figure, so I've had to go without. The weapons are equally as unfriendly, either too heavy or too strange for me to use.

   I have got to admit, however, that I am somewhat overwhelmed by this place. I have set foot within one of the three most significant Titan ruins - and lived - and helped recover one of the single most important artifacts for life on this planet. There is little I will do in life that will top this experience.

-- Atherya Sunleaf              

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