Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Percussion Shotgun of the Monkey

It doesn't always hurt to mention things on the Trade channel. This lad (presumably) put a level 45 gun (Percussion Shotgun of the Monkey) on the AH with the argument that guns were always hard to find as a hunter. It's quite true, but with heirlooms, most hunters have little trouble, and new characters get by. Still, props to the guy for listing it and announcing it for that reason, and giving it a very affordable buy-out (10g) for a level 45.
   I always worry when people mention things like this on trade, though. I worry that they're about to receive a bucket-load of hate for no reason at all. I was preparing to step in and defend him. He got lucky, however, because the people who were online at this point (people I'd never spoken to before but had seen from time to time) were in good spirits, and instead of beating him down, just got a little sarcastic. But, for some reason, there became a frantic race to buy it. A race which I won, since I was beside the AH anyways, and I wasn't about to let someone else win if I could have!
   I started getting joking offers - I say joking, I'm not sure if they were serious or not. I've never had much gold, but it seems apparent from the mounts that people have right now that gold is abound. So, instead of embarrassing myself and accepting false offers, I relisted it in the AH for a 25g bid and a 100,000g buy out. Don't worry, I never expected that buy-out to work. In truth, I forgot that you didn't have to put a buy-out price, and just wanted to fill in the blank with something that wouldn't be reached.

   Well, it seems that the offers were genuine, and several bids rolled in. Within a couple of minutes I had a 100g, 46s and 86c bid. By this point, however, the moment had passed; I had moved away from the AH to continue taking pictures of the cake lady cake stand in Dalaran, and no more bids came in.

   When the bid came to an end (which I also realise I should have put up for just 12 hours, not 48 - it was an automatic decision) I split the gold right down the middle with the guy who I'd originally got the gun from, and thanked him for the laughs it provided (though I stressed that it wasn't fun at him).

   The moral of this story is that it doesn't always hurt to mention things in trade. Don't get me wrong, most of the time you will be met with either silence or hostility, as is most of WoW's player base these days, but sometimes fun can come of it. And while this guy didn't sell his gun to any low level hunter, he did make 60g, 23s and 43c from a weapon that would have vendored for less than 2 gold, and got a small group of people some nice laughs.

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