Monday, 12 August 2013

Unusual Player Encounters

   Have you ever had any random encounters with other players in WoW? Like, very odd encounters, or quite interesting or exciting ones? Perhaps you got caught in the middle of a huge argument, or something a little too friendly in the Deeprun Tram. Or just encountered a very friendly - or very hostile­ - player out in the world.
   I had seen such a think in the Tram, once, and, needless to say, I ran away immediately. But my strangest encounter was about gold.
   Usually you'll find little spammy lowbies going from player to player, opening trade windows saying "10g??? Plzz???", but this encounter was more polite.
   I've never been made of gold, and while these little spammers did get gold out of me to begin with, I caught on quick. But I got a whisper from a guy once - I don't remember his character's name exactly, but it was something to do with Eragon, which is why I remembered it. But he whispered me, apologising profusely for asking, but proceeded to ask me for about 350g I think it was so he could learn level 60 flying, and buy a flying mount. I was hesitant, so I did a little background check (read: shift-clicking his name) and he was, indeed, level 60. I had a few thousand gold at the time, and decided that, since I wasn't doing much else with it, I'd give it to him. I figured that if he had to ask, he didn't have a high-level main. In fact, this character probably was his main.
   When I found him waiting for me in the middle of Orgrimmar, he had no heirlooms and pretty poor gear. I figured he was either genuine, or an elaborate scammer. But I gave up the gold anyway. He told me like 3 times that he'd pay me back. I said there was no need, knowing it was unlikely I'd ever see this character again anyway, and it wasn't all that much, and so I continued to play.
   I think it was about three or four months later when I got a whisper from Eragon guy. I recognised his name immediately. He asked me where I was in Org, I told him, he found me and payed me back every gold coin I'd given him. I told him it wasn't necessary, but he insisted, so I took it.
   I was admittedly stunned that this guy, who I had told to forget it, payed me back a few months later, when I'd have thought he'd have forgotten anyways. I certainly had. If it weren't for the fact that his name stood out I wouldn't have even known who he was.
   This isn't exactly a strange encounter, but given that I'm not a particularly social player, this was an extremely unusual encounter for me.

   Back when I was still new to the game, a friend of my then-boyfriend used to cry out for attention all the time and be very over dramatic because of a 'medical condition' (I'm not downplaying medical conditions, and definitely not disabled people, and while it was technically a medical issue, it was such a very, very minor condition that he blew it up for attention), and to make sure he grasped our attention, he would delete all of his characters every couple of weeks and send all of his gold and crafting materials to the rest of us. I don't know about the others, but when he got them restored in his usual fashion (either a 'friend did it', he was 'hacked' or any other number of reasons), I never gave the stuff back. I was the one that always received the gold, but he never asked for it back. So he didn't get it.
   This is the only other unusual encounter I've had.

Have any of you encountered anything just as unusual but mundane? Or have you encountered drama? Have you been actually involved in the drama? Perhaps you play on a roleplaying server. It's not uncommon for two people to roleplay a relationship and one of the two players to get a little over-invested.


  1. The oddest encounter I had was when me and my boyfriend were trying out an RP server for the first time. We were in the mage quarter of Stormwind trying to get some backstory before we headed out into the world to quest. These 4 people stumbled out of the tavern, walk up to us, look at my boyfriend (who was playing a Worgen) and say, "You hat, it's disgusting!" Then they simply walk away. It was odd and funny at the same time.

  2. That's fabulous! I have a similar story with roleplay except my boyfriend and I were the ones giving the odd encounter. We were playing Dwarves in Ironforge, level 14 or something, and we were in a lesser-used tavern, and we heard people talking in the basement. We hung around for a while and realised they were properly role-playing. My boyfriend used to be a role-player, so he should have known better, but we walked down the stairs towards the basement and he starts talking in a drunken, Dwarvish manner about a bar fight or something, then when we got to the bottom of the stairs, we stopped, looked at them, and he goes "oh, sorry lasses, we did'nae mean tae...what're ya doin?!" and continued asking questions. One of these two was about to murder the other one but they were using paper butterflies to do it. I feel bad for ruining the moment, and I stood there apologising for my drunken husband, but I think that's part of what's so charming about role-playing - you can't account for other players, whether they intrude when you're going to murder someone, or if they stumble drunkenly out of a bar and insult your fine headwear even if you're out of character.
    Thanks for sharing ^^


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