Sunday, 25 August 2013

Who Are You?

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   Who are you outside of WoW? Does your personality or personal life shine through the game, or do you usually keep it to yourself?
   What do you do? Are you employed, self-employed or kind of floating around for one reason or another? What other hobbies do you have? Would they surprise other players, such as perhaps you're a lawyer, or is it so unsurprising that you're a GM?
   This is a nice opportunity to talk about yourselves. I'd love to know what kind of people my readers are, so introduce yourself - no comment is too long.


  1. Hey *waves*
    I am 25 year old Finnish girl and I recently moved to Sweden to live with my boyfriend, I met him in WoW! I think my personality shows through, at least I hope so. I'm sometimes shy in new situations, but when you get to know me I'm quite nice :P
    My other hobbies include reading, taking photos and playing other games, also walking outside is awesome! Also was talking with BF and maybe starting geocaching! Also not sure if you know I used to do postcrossing ( it is so awesome. I did stop for a while because I was moving a lot and organizing my life. But now I want to start it again!
    At the moment I'm trying to search a job that doesn't involve Swedish too much (yes it's quite difficult when the main language is Swedish :D) But I've found some good opportunities and I hope I get something. I'm applying to swedish lessons with my friend soon so that will help too (I have basic Swedish skills, but just need to get to know it bit more etc etc).
    I started playing WoW 8 years ago, and longest I've gone without it is approx 6 months. I'm an altoholic too and for very strange reason I like questing! I haven't raided in pandaria (let's say we don't count LFR as raiding :D)

  2. Hello!
    As a new reader this is a great excuse to introduce myself! :)

    I've recently started a wow blog called Saisa Says... you can find it at

    I'm 36, engaged to Nathan, who isn't a gamer at all, we met on an online dating website :)
    I have 1 daughter Charlotte who is 18, she's followed in my footsteps and is a big gamer and I also gained 2 extra daughters from Nathan, they are 13 and 8.

    I suffer from severe ME/CFS which means I can't work which means I have a lot of time for wow!
    I've been gaming since I was young, my mum bought us a computer when pound coins first got released, she saved them in a jar and just spent the pound notes and got the computer with the coins.

    I've always pretty much been a 1 game at a time type person, it's very rare I dabble in other games if 1 particular game has my attention, so right now only play wow and have no plans to play anything else.

    My other big interest is the mobile app Foursquare - I was a very early adopter and started being very active in the community and because of that I am the highest level superuser which means I can edit and adjust venues in the database so they are accurate and up-to-date. I spend a lot of time keeping my local area tidy and accurate.

    Think that's it :)

  3. Wonderful to meet you, Rinike! That's a big move. My boyfriend lived in The Netherlands before he moved in with me in England. It's a scary chance to take but it's definitely worth while. And it's great that you're learning Swedish - obviously, living in Sweden, you have little choice, but learning a new language is always hard. My boyfriend and I have been together for 3 years and so far the only Dutch word I know (beside a few curses I've picked up while he's played games) is for profiterole. Which is useless, because I hate them.
    It's great that you're still enjoying WoW after 8 years. You're a slap in the face to the idiots who say that no one who played Vanilla or early BC still plays.

  4. Hello Saisa! How does Nathan find it with you playing games and him not? It's quite an odd situation - usually it's the other way around - but these days it's becoming more the norm! I've heard of ME/CFS, it must be really awful to have to deal with. My mother suffers from Multiple Sclerosis - which obviously -isn't- the same thing - but I can see what it's like to have a disability of sorts that really affects your life to the point that you can't work.
    That's an adorable story about pound coins. I'm only 22, so pound coins have been around for hundreds of years as far as I'm concerned - but I did see an old lady in my local post office a few years ago trying to pay with a £1 note. I'd have bought the note from her for £10 on the spot if I'd had any more than £2.30 on me!
    I'm a sort of one game at a time person, but it gets split depending on consoles. I tend to focus on one console game and one PC game at a time, and finish them to the best of my limited ability, but since my PC isn't a gaming one, and relatively old as far as PCs go, it can't run more than WoW anyway.

  5. I have to write because I know you have more readers than this Daeaye!
    I live in Australia, and I play a healer in game and am also a RL healer out of game (I'm a doctor) and I am married with 2 young kids at home. I am a real sci-fi nut but I am pretty obsessed with wow - I play, I write about it, I like to write fiction about it, and now I make comics about it too! Oh, and of course I read about it :)
    I am not very sporty - I tend to like crafty type hobbies like sewing, knitting and scrapbooking - and the only other games I play are ipad games like Plants vs Zombies or Candy Crush on my phone. Oh I do play Wordhero as well - but no other major computer games. I like Starcraft but have no time to play with WoW sucking up all my time.
    I love WoW, and I've been playing since Vanilla in late 2005. I have never taken a break, and I don't think I ever will!

  6. Thank you xD
    WoW, a healer at heart, then! Good for you! I imagine Australia needs a lot of doctors. I'm sure you hear that all the time. Or perhaps you don't. Maybe no one else is nervous enough to make such awful, obvious jokes.
    Sci-fi is -awesome- I am a total fantasy freak - I watch it, read it, write it and just obsess over it. Sci-fi is the only other genre I can honestly say I like, but it does get pushed out of the way by fantasy. I used to watch Star Trek with my dad when I was little for years, so I'm a little bit of a Trekkie, but more earth-based sci-fi is good too. The Alien and Predator franchises are my favourite, and, for some obscene reason, I always cry at the end of Alien: Resurrection.
    CRAFTING IS AWESOOMMMMEE, I hope you'll visit my blog a few times - one of my recent posts was about thinking up more blog challenges like the screenshot a day, and one of them was crafting, and another was writing, but I'm quite nervous about bothering because I'm not sure how many people would bother themselves.

    Good for you, playing WoW since Vanilla and still loving it. Just the same as Rinike, you're a great opposition to people who say that no one who played in Vanilla still plays.


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