Sunday, 11 August 2013

WoWscreenshotaday Day 11 'I Love Doing This'

   Sitting by a lake, I love it, in real life, and animals. I've had so many different kinds of pets, but with my mum's disability, we can't get any more. Which sucks big-time. But I used to park my bum by a river near my house with my dogs on a lead, and they'd just sit there watching the water go by with me. And also trying to eat flies.


  1. That screenshots lovely! Eversong Woods is so pretty & golden (assuming I'm right in guessing that's where you are - based on memory & the Ruby Sapling on the opposite river bank).

  2. It is, yes. It's a really gorgeous zone, but I will be honest, when I'm levelling a Blood Elf, I am happy to see the back of the place. It's a little too bright after a while, but the Ghostlands is too huge a contrast. And thank you for the compliment ^^

  3. I find Ghostlands very eerie. I guess it was designed that way :)

  4. It is, yeah. I actually find the place a bit more interesting after finding out a bit more of its background when I was writing the first couple of entries of Atherya's diary, because I never understood how the scar stretched through Eversong and beyond but those areas weren't as bad as the Ghostlands - because the Elves burned the area so that the Scourge couldn't make any use of its resources after they secured it. I like it a bit more now. Although it is still a little too eerie :P


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