Monday, 12 August 2013

WoWscreenshotaday Day 12 'Macro'

   Insects are the most photographed subject when it comes to macro photography, because they're so small, have crazy detail, like their eyes, and because they're so small, no one ever really sees what they look like until they're photographed macroscopically.
   So I'm repeating this here, to the best of my ability.
   When I saw that today's theme was 'macro' I knew exactly where to go. I had been to New Cifera recently to grab screenshots for a project I was working on, which I haven't yet shown you. And while I was there, I spotted this little guy. I thought it was the only one at first, but there are several dotted about the place. They're just part of the environment, so they're quite flat when it comes down to things, are non-interactable - you can't kill it, you can't speak to it, you can't invite it for tea - it's not even clickable. Personally, I'm in love with the little guy. I want this to be a new battle pet. I seriously love it. I love the colour, I love the frilly edges, I love its huge blue eyes. But what I don't love is trying to photograph this guy. He keeps flitting around. Fortunately, it's a game, and you can't frighten it off, so its movements were predictable and I was able to get my shot. What took about 20 minutes, however, was positioning myself. You don't realise how far forwards one step is until you're trying to move forwards half a step, and you have to be flying because the lily pads are too tall. In the end I realised that reversing was much slower and you could move in much smaller incremements, so I finally positioned myself where I wanted to be and made sure I took 100 screenshots before daring to move. Since I turn my graphics up for this my frames drop to 0.8 frames a second, so I can't just wait for it to be in my frame before pressing 'print screen', I have to just press it continually, which, while reducing my FPS a little more, does enable me to get my shot. In the end.


  1. Kim this picture is fantastic! I love it :)

  2. Thanks so much! I'm really proud of it :D He's so cuuute!


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