Thursday, 15 August 2013

WoWscreenshotaday Day 15 'The Best'

   I figured I'd know this one when I saw it. I've spent the last few days just flying around Pandaria taking in all the sights. My favourite has been the Jade Forest (you knew it would be) and seeing all of these little buildings on top of the sea stacks. Well, when I saw the silhouette of this one I got very excited. Balloons! What is better than balloons? Actually, if I had found a house filled with different cakes I would have been very excited then, too. But balloons would do. I quickly sped my cloudserpent over there to find the balloon seller, only to find that neither of the two people there sold any, and one old Pandaren inside the house was slightly rude about my visit!
   Well, I went outside and spoke to the Grummle before it hit me.
   Of course! Up! A little house in the middle of nowhere with balloons on the roof, a miserable old man by the name of Kar inside the house being rude to visitors, a smaller fella named Rusty Nail pottering about with a huge pack on his back just taking things in his stride, and a ...well, a stealthed fox, but he's outside a dog house and his name is Dig.
   I've chosen this as my submission for 'The Best' for a number of reasons.
  1. It's an out-of-world reference
  2. Up is a good movie (though I do have to skip chapter at the beginning because I can't watch Karl and his wife, it just makes me cry too much) and is hilarious. Especially Kevin. I wonder if there was a bird in the area I missed...
  3. It's a house with balloons on the roof.

Kar, Rusty Nail and Dig at a closer view, for your pleasure:


  1. I love the movie!! <3 Didn't know that there was a house that looks like it :)

  2. I know, I was really surprised to see it! It's just off the North Eastern coast of the Jade Forest.

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