Wednesday, 21 August 2013

WoWscreenshotaday Day 21 'Slow'

   For months, I thought the Virmen along the Yan-Zhe River were racing melons. I was a little disappointed to find they were simply transporting them. But either way, this is the shot I chose. I love the Valley of the Four Winds (though not as much as the Jade Forest); I love the giant vegetables and the simplicity of the region. Even the pests are kind of cute.
   These Virmen might not be racing the melons, but their method of transportation is still pretty slow. It took me a long time to line up these shots, and I found it so funny when I noticed the bridge not too far away from them. But they can't use the bridge; they're criminals. Smugglers!
   I'm really happy with the blur I added to the shot, it was quite dull before I added the depth, and now it's one of my favourites that I've submitted. I said on the 13th that I felt I was going to have trouble with today's, but it seems I was worried over nothing ^^


  1. The DoF effect is really well done :D (and I say that as a photographer, used to seeing out of focus backgrounds (and occasionally subjects :S ) all the time!)

    Cool idea for a screenshot too – I never even knew the melon hustlers existed :O

  2. I am really liking all your pics Daeaye! This one is so cool. I don't think I've seen that before.

  3. Thanks so much ^^ I'm really enjoying taking them all! It's towards the eastern end of the river that flows through the Valley of the Four Winds.


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