Friday, 23 August 2013

WoWscreenshotaday Day 23 'Yellow'

   I am so proud of this one! I really didn't know what to do for yellow. All I could think of was either Silvermoon City or seeing if I could track down some yellow flowers, but I felt that that was a little too easy.
   I remembered how flying towards the sun always made things lighter (the more you know) and I also really liked the contrast between the light and shadow when doing so, so this morning I decided to fly around and see if I could find myself a yellowish sky.
   I had idea where to go, but I knew that areas like Tirisfal Glades or Winterspring were a bad idea, so I just decided to fly around bright places.
   I was on Atherya at the time, too, and I was a little worried that, because she was going to be in the shot for the sake of the light/shadow contrast, I didn't have any yellow gear to offer her, but then I started to think that, if she was mounted up - which she would have to be - why not go for the most yellow mount I had?
   I am so ridiculously pleased with the outcome! And, better yet, totally unedited! Yay! Well, aside from the usual watermark, anyway! I managed to find an amazing sky along the southern coast of Stranglethorn Vale.


  1. This screenshot is legendary! I like it so much, it could be a cover of an expansion or something! Great job.

  2. Ooh, thank you very much :D it's probably my favourite so far to be honest, so pleased with how it came out.

  3. Oh this is perfect, really nice!

  4. Absolutely beautiful.


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