Thursday, 29 August 2013

WoWscreenshotaday Day 29 'Lucky'

   This was a fun shot. I started thinking about luck, and ever being the pessimist, I thought about bad luck. From there I got onto superstition, and that's how this shot came to be. I took my Warlock to Karazhan - so right there, you've got a haunted house and a dark wizard, so to speak. I gave her a nice black spell book and some witchy clothes, and I was quite happy with that. I then got out my Bombay Cat - there are more 'evil' cats, such as the Feline Familiar or Mr. Bigglesworth (who is more evil by association, and who, at long last, I finally got - it was Gluth's Bone that was holding me back) - but I decided to go for a plain black cat. I'm not superstitious in the conventional ways, but these are stereotypical 'bad luck' and 'evil' things. I also used some of my much beloved Path of Illidan, and also got some rats in the shot, for an extra dose of plague.
   I did cheat: I added the bone mace in with WoW Model Viewer. My Warlock is unable to use maces but I desperately wanted a bone, not a wand, so I added that in afterwards. I could have gotten a bone off-hand, but I really wanted a book, and considering I already had a book and not a bone off-hand, I decided to add the latter in manually.
   Otherwise, I am really pleased with this shot :D

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