Wednesday, 7 August 2013

WoWscreenshotaday Day 7 'A Sign'

   This was a difficult one. I know I keep saying that but this one really was. I had written a few ideas down last night ready for it, and I was really on good form! Unfortunately, when I logged on this morning to get the shots, I realised that there were a few problems. Namely that the places I was going to go didn't exist.
   My first idea was the Aurora Borealis in Storm Peaks, but I disregarded it when I thought of something else shortly after. I wanted to get a shot of ruined ships with a few masts sticking out of the water. I flew along the coasts of the Southern Barrens right the way down to Tanaris, but I didn't find anything. I was little surprised. I did find a few ships here and there, but no ship 'graveyards' so to speak, and certainly none with masts breaking the water surface. So, I went over to the Eastern Kingdoms, namely Stranglethorn Vale. There, I found some ship masts, but only two ships. I had wanted about five ideally, but I'd have settled for three to four, but there was nothing but those two.
   Koruth suggested, since I was following the thought line of warnings as a 'sign', that I head over to the Wolvar encampments in Sholazar Basin. Sure enough, there were skulls displayed in a threatening and trophy-like manner. The problem I had with this was the lack of humanoid skulls. The closest seemed to belong to a monkey, and it was also awful quality, even with all graphics on 'ultra'. So I scrapped that idea.
   In the end, I went with my initial idea of the Northern Lights.
   This shot is edited. As you all well know, the sky in Storm Peaks is a very rich blue, and the Northern Lights don't have much in the way of the iconic green hue, so I added a bit of yellow and green to it myself in GIMP, and darkened the sky. I also layered a few different shots over eachother to get multiple lightning bolts, as opposed to the one or twin-branched bolts that I had gotten in every one of my 50 or so shots. Yes, 'print screen' is my best friend this month.

   As simple as it is, I like it. I had originally thought of the Northern Lights as a sort of heavenly sign, if you will, but I hadn't anticipated the lightning bolts. Who knew Storm Peaks was relatively stormy? But I think it worked to my advantage. If you want to see it as a heavenly sign, there are several different readings. Is it a case of, while everything is grim and against you now, things will get a lot better? Or will you choose to just look at the lights, or just the lightning and glean whatever 'sign' you're looking for from that instead?


  1. Beautiful! I love the aurora borealis! Seen it a few times myself in Norway, it's amazing, and this screenshot reminds me of it.

  2. Thank you! You're so lucky - I'd love to see it myself. I'd love to visit Norway or a place like that, but the one place I REALLY want to go is the Arctic :D and I'd probably get a pretty nice view there, too!

  3. Where do you live? I'd love to see the Arctic, the glaciers there before they melt away and polar bears. And I bet the aurora is much brighter in the Artic :D

  4. I live in England. It's nice enough, and occasionally the Northern Lights can be spotted from the North of the country, but I live along the southern coast :( You? And that is exactly my reasoning for wanting to go to the Arctic - to see it all before it melts away. I'm sure, if it did melt away, it would be back eventually, that's one thing that the earth always does - bounce back.


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