Friday, 9 August 2013

WoWscreenshotaday Day 9 '2 o'Clock'

   This was impossible. Even now I think it's luck I happened. 2 o'Clock could be so many things. To my knowledge, there aren't any clocks in WoW, and I didn't want to screenshot one either way. I decided to just grab a screenshot of what I was doing at 2 o'clock this afternoon and it worked in two different ways.
   I was running my usual weekly raids, and just so happened to be in Karazhan at quarter to 2. I realised the time at this point and decided to slow down. I figured that if I paced myself, then I'd be at the Opera event around 2, so I waited there for a few minutes. This was accidental, to be honest. I almost always get The Wizard of Oz at the Opera event, so I was pleased to find Red Riding Hood - I've never been a fan of Romeo and Juliette, and the Wizard of Oz has freaked me out since I was a kid, so I've always been drawn to this staging rather than the other two. But because this one is always so rare, I had forgotten that you need to talk to Grandma to begin it. So I thought it was bugged when the fighting didn't start, and also because the announcer didn't close the door behind him like he usually does when the curtain goes up. I figured it out eventually when I moused over her, and began the fight, and then, at 2 on the dot, I grabbed this shot. I edited out the hit numbers above the Big Bad Wolf's head, though. Also, did it bug? Are you usually able to fight as Red Riding Hood? I know that you're stunned initially, but I don't remember if you remain in the guise of this gnome throughout. But this was once the stun was complete and I was able to fight.

Showing at 2 o'Clock: Little Red Riding Hood, as played by Daeaye.

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