Wednesday, 4 September 2013

20 Days of WoW - Day 4 - My Best WoW Memory

   My best WoW memory. This was actually something I submitted to Mama Needs Mana's 'favourite WoW memory' competition, so I can recall it a little clearer now.
   I have a lot of memories of WoW, but my favourites are the more noobish moments, when I didn't really know the game all that well. But my favourite is this:
   Back when I was levelling through Tirisfal Glades on my first Spinegrinder (as I mentioned before, she was created 3 times), I came up to the Bulwark. It wasn't very exciting at that point, just a couple of tents and stakes. But I was curious as to what lay beyond it - it would have been my third zone to have seen (I was still counting Deathknell as a zone). I made my way towards the pass, but a friend told me not to go through, because it was a level 50 zone.
   I scoffed. As if. A level 50 zone beside a level 10 zone. There's no way the game designers would be that stupid. I ignored their warning (they didn't press it) and continued on through. I don't remember what the Western Plaguelands looked like back then because it's change now and become greener, but what I do remember is the giant spider that suddenly began to chase me.
   Now, I must stress at this point that, being a noob and having no previous experience with MMO's, I didn't understand aggro ranges. I already knew that lower levelled mobs needed closer range to attack you. The lower they were, the closer you had to get. But that translated, logically, I believe, to me thinking that with higher level mobs, you didn't have to get so close, and the higher the level, the sooner they'd detect you. I was, in fact, convinced that if I set foot in a level 60 zone at level 10, every single monster would stop what they were doing and charge towards me. Every mob in the zone. Every one of them. I also, somehow, got it into my mind that they would chase me for longer if I ran away from them, assuming that their increased level didn't also increase their speed.
   So, as I plodded into the Western Plaguelands, a giant spider suddenly came charging out of nowhere right towards me. Somehow, I saw it quickly enough and managed to keyboard turn away and run off. I was more concerned with running than with looking behind me, but I was convinced that there would be about 50 spiders chasing me, and goodness knows what else. There was, of course, only one.
   Now, as you all know, higher level mobs will detect you sooner than a lower level mob will, but aggro zones are aggro zones, and they don't suddenly expand beyond the norm for a level 10 to the extent that they can detect you right on the other side of the zone and a whole zone's creatures will decide to attack you all at once. And you also know that they don't chase you further just because you're a lower level, or that they're any faster.
   Well, I was very unlucky at this moment. I was still under the belief that I had 50 spiders chasing me, and that they would probably chase me all the way back to Deathknell. I ran to Brill, remembering the little settlement, and I was hoping some of the players there (who were actually NPCs) would help me. That bugger followed me all the way to Brill. Clearly, my game bugged out and this one spider (there was only one) wouldn't get off of my tail, but it seriously reinforced my belief that higher level mobs would chase you further and for longer. I was so scared playing the game, and wouldn't go anywhere unless mobs had green levels. I wouldn't dream of attacking a yellow level, let alone an orange, and I was very wary of new zones, always asking people what level I had to be to get there, and I learned that, just because a zone is beside another one, doesn't mean it's the next progressive zone.

   My friends did not help me beyond their initial warning. They laughed and found it all to be very amusing. They didn't even kill the spider, the guards at Brill did that. Though I don't know what level they used to be. If the guards were only level 20 then one of my friends may have joined in, because thinking back, a couple may well have died taking on a level 50.
   I did not find this funny at the time, but looking back, it's my fondest memory. And, I'm pleased to say, my noobishness extended all the way to level 80. I miss it now.

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