Thursday, 5 September 2013

20 Days of WoW - Day 5 - Favourite Items In-Game

Demon Hunter's Aspect & Mushroom Chair

There are a lot of in-game items I love, but I don't own half of them.
I love useless items, so these are all mostly novelty items.

Items I Own
Demon Hunter's Aspect
Mushroom Chair
Darkspear Pride
Lament of the Highborne . 
Chest of Tiny Glass Animals - I know it doesn't do anything, but it's the idea of it I love.

Items I Don't Own
Tuskarr Kite
Sylvanas' Music Box
Aspect Staff thingy
Ethereal Trader


  1. aww I want a mushy chair. must go looking for that... i prolly had it at one point and vendor'd it xD who knows~

  2. It's the best thing ever - a mushroom, that you can sit on. Marvellous! You get it from the Molten Front for about 500g. It's so worth taking up a bag slot.


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