Friday, 6 September 2013

20 Days of WoW - Day 6 - My Desk

   I assume that this is outside of WoW. My workplace is just a small desk in the bedroom where a lot of my crafting and writing happens. The table is covered in paint, glue and clay. I should wash it but I usually use it at night and at that point I can't be bothered. But, I've taken a picture of my workspace, and tidied it up for your viewing pleasure. I've got lots of little crafty bits hanging around, like a couple of fox paintings by Constance Stotzer, a friend of mine in Vegas, an amazing digital portrait of my two rats from Vicky, my friend in Edinburgh, some cute little prints from WhiteStag, and a bat plush that I made myself. He looks more like a Yorkshire Terrier, but nevermind.
   Then there's also my paper, notebooks and folder containing notes, plans and character profiles for my current book, as well as a couple more notebooks with ideas for other stories to write when I finish this one.
   My shelves have got lots of goodies on them, including some small pinatas I made (they're empty - just decorational), Naruto's frog coin purse that Koruth got me, Meryl Felstorm who I'd wanted for years and finally managed to find, and then some cuddly toys - a husky that my mum saw a year ago and was adamant to get me; the Horde Windrider, of course; a fluffy monster I made, a Clanger, and an awesome plush fossil I bought from Weird Bug Lady when she was still on Etsy. I love fossils.


  1. ooh a troll painting :)

  2. Glad it was obvious! It's been sat there for a month, untouched, while I've been working on other things. It may get finished eventually :P
    Also I'm sorry I've not had a chance to accept your battle tag request, I've barely been on WoW lately!

  3. The little tusks gave it away :) No worries, I've had pretty limited game time too but now the patch is here I shall be on a binge :D


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