Saturday, 7 September 2013

20 Days of WoW - Day 7 - The Reason Behind My Blog's Name

   I had wanted to make a WoW blog for months, but I'm prone to changing my mind where names are concerned. A Blackbird's Epiphany had a couple of names before I settled on that - and eventually I had no choice but to like it because I had bought the domain name to purposely end the cycle and set it in stone. So for my WoW blog I thought long and hard on a name. I wanted something similar to a tavern name, because I love the manner in which British pubs are named, and I find WoW taverns to be named similarly, though perhaps slightly more for imagery's sake. But either way, I remembered there was a tavern in the Valley of Strength called The Wyvern's Tail and I rather liked it. I decided I wanted something similar to that. Of course, weeks went by, and while I had come up wth a few names, none of them had stuck. The Wyvern's Tail had. Eventually I said 'sod it' and decided to accept that as my blog name. I did wait a few more weeks to see if I would tire of it, but I didn't, so I went ahead and made the blogger page, and bought the domain name.
   I'm still happy with it, not remotely tired, and the header that Shyama made for me really sets it in. The tavern in the banner isn't The Wyvern's Tail, but I'm actually very content with it. Especially with Gamon in the back.

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