Tuesday, 10 September 2013

20DoW - Day 10 - Favourite Blogs and Websites

   Blog / Website favourites. I'm not really sure what that means. It could mean my favourite content from other blogs, my favourite content from my blog, or other blogs and websites that I generally love.
   I'll go for the latter. I warn you, though, that not all of these blogs and websites are WoW-based, but they're pages that I love.

   Vivid Please - I'm good friends with the lady behind this blog, and I've always found that she's had the most interesting crafty tutorials, because, unlike other blogs (sometimes myself included) she doesn't recycle tutorials by other people. She's not a gamer at all, she's retro, and she's awesome, but in the interest of games, she did an amazing tutorial for a Space Invaders pinata.
   Bubbles of Mischief - this blog was actually the one that made me really decide to make a WoW blog. I'd thought about it several times but I didn't really think too hard on it. When I saw her blog, and the variation of content type - raiding, cosmetic items, rares and so on - I decided that I didn't have to be a raider, or a PvPer to have good content, and neither did I have to update my readers on any change in the game. That's what websites like MMO Champion are for. So I decided to give it a go. So I owe Cymre that much, because I'm really enjoying myself with this blog.
   MMO-Champion - I doubt I need to explain this one.
   9gag - 'nor this one.
   A Quarter Of... - because sweets that's why. I'm actually affiliated with this shop through my personal blog. They sell all kinds of old fashioned sweets like flying saucers and cinder toffee, and ship worldwide. They also have gift certificates and hampers. I love it. I love it.
 Paperchase - they have the most amazing selection of stationery. I love stationery. Writing paper, ringbinders, notebooks, stickers, washi tape, I love it. And it all always goes to good use! 80% of it goes towards my fantasy writing, and the remaining 20% is used in or on my shop's packaging.
- it's the website I sell my jewellery, plushies and plush patterns on, it's cheap and easy and the biggest online handmade marketplace in existance. It's a worldwide website and there are shops from everywhere on there. The Netherlands, England, Australia, Russia, the Americas, and just everywhere. Everything is either vintage, handmade or crafting supplies. Yes, there are a few sellers on there selling mass-produced goods, and they're breaking Etsy's rules and have to be reported, but you have to be careful when you do so, because it's entirely possible that the seller is actually selling handmade items that are very professionally made, and very popular, or perhaps has a small team of friends and family making them by hand to keep up with demand. But, Etsy don't usually just shut shops down. Investigations are usually launched first.


  1. I must make sure that my housemate never ever finds out about Paperchase or we will be absolutely swimming in stuff from there!

  2. I won't tell - the secret is safe with me! Well...sort of. I did publicly show the website...okay, maybe it's not so safe with me xD


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