Thursday, 12 September 2013

20DoW - Day 12 - A Usual Day

   My days all start the same way. I get up as soon as I wake up, which is as early as I can, then I head downstairs to check on my mum. This is the first thing I do every morning. Once I've made sure she's okay and get her anything she needs, I turn on the PC and have my breakfast. I usually aim to just sit down for an hour to wake up and eat my cereal, but it usually ends up being about an hour and a half to two. I spend this time going through my usual routine. I check Etsy, then I check my email, then I check my blog stats, then I see to any online projects I'm working on at that time, most recently the WoWscreenshotaday challenge. Eventually I go and do my exercise for 45 minutes and get in the shower. After that I just sort of float around the house. I'll sit at the PC as long as my mum is okay, but she has priority over everything. I'll go to the post office in the afternoon if I sold something (provided that my mum is in a good enough way), then come home and go back on the PC, usually writing blog posts or managing my Etsy shop, and then get on with dinner. At this point my dad comes home and my 'work day' is over, and I'll head upstairs to chill out in private. I usually do most of my crafting and writing at this time, or play a game if there's something I'm into, and do my weights. And then around midnight I go to bed.
   My weekends go the same kind of way, but my dad doesn't work then, and I let my body rest so I don't do the cardio in the morning, so it skips ahead to sitting at the PC for a couple of hours before spending time with Koruth or crafting.

   I may not do much but my crafting is a big part of my life and constantly keeps me busy. It's rare for me to just sit down and watch TV. I almost never leave the house - the only fresh air I taste is on my way to the post office - but there are really not enough hours in the day.
   As for my typical online routine...I don't have one. Some days I'm only on WoW for half an hour just to get a screenshot, and other days I'm online all day long.

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