Saturday, 14 September 2013

20DoW - Day 14 - What Upsets Me

Dadanga's grave.

   Things upsetting me greatly depends on the time of the year, but there is one thing that always upsets me and that's animal cruelty, animal death and so on. I can sit through a film and watch every character die. I'll cry, sure, but I'll cry as much over the deaths of 10 characters as I will over one single rabbit.
   I've had a lot of different animals - rodents, dogs, reptiles, insects and so on - and each death was difficult. I prefer animals over people quite a lot to be honest, and while I've not had man jobs, my favourite has and probably always will be dog walking. I think I walked about 50 different dogs over the course of 2 years, and, of course, most of them were regulars. I discovered that I have a natural companionship with dogs, and that I am afraid of small dogs. I never owned up to my boss about this, but while I am totally fine walking an Akita, Weimerana and so on, I am quite scared of Italian Greyhounds. They're so small, about the height of a large West Highland White - which is too small, they're brittle in fact. I don't mean to sound dramatic but the first time I met the dog was when I went into his house to get him. He was lying in his dog crate and was quite far back in it in shadow, and I had gone in with my boss (best boss I think I'll ever have - I let her know I was available to work one day, and she found out while I was with her that that was my birthday, she took £20 out of her purse and gave it to me on the spot as well as a box of chocolates that she had in the cupboard, and this was on top of my pay, she was also an amazing person and I'd be happy to work for her again) and when I crouched down to see him, all I saw was light reflecting back off of two huge black eyes. It was eerie. He came out and was very excited, but I was told that he once broke his leg and has had to have a metal plate put in his leg to sort of keep it together, and you could see the plate through his skin.
   Like I said, I was dogsitting him by myself one day and he started getting too excited in the house, he started running around and bouncing about, and he started jumping towards me getting playful, but I was so petrified I just started backing up, and I fell on his dog crate. It was fine, but the door broke slightly. He got me while I was down, jumping all over me. I wasn't scared of the dog, I was just worried that it would hurt itself, because apparently he was prone to it.
   The day looked up, though - that same day I got to puppy sit for 5 hours while the owners were at a wedding, and my favourite dog, Max, lived with this puppy and I got to look after him for 2 hours before he was picked up for his walk. It was a good day :D

   ...Yes, animal deaths and cruelty upset me, all the time, without fail. I feel guilty for killing a spider! I'm a little bit ridiculous. I've always been this way. Even in primary school when I was 8 I used to tell younger kids off because they would jump on this paving slab that a nest of ants lived under, purposely to get them to come out, then they'd just stamp on them.
   I hate kids.
   Also, I'm so fond of animals, when I first made my Undead Warlock, I refused to kill wolves, even though I had to kill them to gather pelts for a level 2 quest. I think I did skip that quest and killed zombies instead to get me to level 3. I don't remember if it worked, though, I may have needed to complete that quest before another would open up. I really don't remember.


  1. I hate killing animals in game! I feel so guilty killing bears and whales especially!

    In real life, I cry when I see a hurt animal, even lost animals sometimes.

  2. Good grief you sound as bad as I am! I can't stand it when animals die, pets or wild animals, it's the worst feeling ever. You never think you'll miss animals as much as you do, either. I've had LOADS of pets, so many different kinds of animals, and I get so sad when they die. Even fish! I also love to watch nature documentaries, which is a sort of heartbreaking passion because I can't stand watching animals kill other animals, but then if they don't, I get sad if they go hungry xD despite all of this, though, I am an avid meat eater myself. Go figure.


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