Sunday, 15 September 2013

20DoW - Day 15 - My Desktop

   I actually just changed my desktop background, it used to be a picture of Arthas vs Illidan, but I changed it a week ago to a screenshot of the Lordearon Throne Room. I took it because I wanted a picture of the seal on the floor, and after I got a precise one, I backed up and aimed for a more composed shot. But it was awesome, because I noticed, for the first time, a spatter of blood on the floor. I never usually look since I'm heading down into the Undercity whenever I'm there, but it happened to catch my eye. It looked a little too red to be a crack i the floor, and it wasn't repeated anywhere else so it wasn't part of the tiled pattern. I thought about it and realised what it must have been. I loaded up the Warcraft 3 cinematic of Arthas killing King Terenas, and there it was. The crown rolled down the left side of the throne dias steps, and as it came to settle on the ground, it left a trail of blood behind it - not all the way, just from the last rotation, and its shape and position matched my screenshot. In the cinematic, the crown appears to have settled a little further from the seal than the blood in the screenshot, but, realistically speaking, with design in mind, that blood was intentionally put there by Blizzard. It could be nothing else.
   To me, it's probably the most significant thing in World of Warcraft, aside, of course, to traces of Titans, and that's why I chose it.


  1. Yay Minecraft! :P (sorry just had to :D)

  2. I always thought Minecraft looked so stupid, but then I played it xD it's so cool! But I used to think that the Creepers were giants, and would just come out at night and destroy everything, so I wondered why anyone bothered. Obviously, now I understand :P Zombies freak me out though, banging on doors.

  3. I have to admit that I've only played it without the creeps, because I don't want them to destroy my stuff :D

  4. If you turn your sound way up while you're in the Throne room you can
    also hear at times snatches of the conversation that goes along with the
    cinematic. It's pretty cool and I love spending a little bit of time in the Throne Room just for the athmosphere that's there.

  5. OH MY GODDDD I just tried it, it's incredible! I loved the place to begin with but now it's got to be my favourite place!! Holy poops! So awesome! Thank you for telling me this!! My boyfriend knows a lot of secret things but he didn't know about this! Oh my gosh. "Succeeding you, Father." AAAAHHH!! Sorry, I'm just VERY excited by this. I'm pretty sure that some of Medivh's speech to King Terenas is in there, too. I noticed the words 'humanity' and 'tides' in one whisper, and after rewatching the video of Medivh's Warning, he does indeed mention 'humanity' and 'tides' in one sentence. I'm not surprised since this was also a pivotal moment in Warcraft.


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