Wednesday, 18 September 2013

20DoW - Day 18 - My Favourite Outfits

   I'm not much of a roleplayer in-game. My server is a PvE one, and while I love vanity items and useless gear with no stats, and putting together nice outfits, I don't have any that I can call my favourite - atleast, not any I have. I suppose my favourite outifts would be my two favourite transmog sets. The Merciless Gladiator's Dreadgear set (a darker version of the Corruptor Raiment) that my Warlock sports, and the Demonsbane recolour set from the 3 End Time dungeons. I've really never seen another Warlock set that I like since the Corruptor, and I find it hard to find something good for my Hunter to wear.
   But, aside from gear, I'm rather fond of the Black Embersilk Gown (Black Embersilk Gown) I made it as soon as I could on my Warlock, though I never used it, and since Atherya is, to some small extent, my role play character, I gave it to her. I pair it with the Knitted Sandals (Knitted Sandals). It's simple enough!
   I'm also partial to the Black Mageweave set, but it's impractical given how revealing it is. I felt so silly putting Atherya in it for the 'Trash' theme of one of WoWscreenshotaday's posts. But it is the perfect outfit for whoring around.
   Having said all of this, I have seen two transmog sets that I could die over. One I saw while I was out in the Timeless Isle recently. It looked stunning on a Night Elf, and surely only a Night Elf could pull it off. It's likely been put together elsewhere, but I really can't fathom just how people go about making these awesome transmog sets. It's beyond me. I am forever doomed to transmog into dungeon and PvP sets because I don't have the co-ordination skill required to come up with anything myself.

   I was under attack by angry pink birds at this point but I got some shots of the gear pieces themselves for future reference :P The Mooncloth Robe was obvious, and the shoulders were painfully so, too. The Valorous Shoulderpads of Sanctification are only obtainable through tokens from Ulduar which I'm relatively sure I won't be able to manage. The headpiece was mogged into the Scintillating Headdress of Second Sight, and for a tasteful contrast, the gloves became Ebonweve Gloves.

   But my favourite of all time was put together by Banesidhe of Transmogative Works, and is based on Tyrael's Charger. I had wanted to put this together for Kharzil, my priest, but, once again, the shoulders step in the way. Unlike the above set, these Shoulderpads of Faith are only obtainable through the Black Market Auction House, and even then, only inside the Unclaimed Container. So, given that I can't even afford one of those boxes, I don't think my chance of ever obtaining them is very high. I just hope an alternative option pops up one day :P

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