Thursday, 19 September 2013

20DoW - Day 19 - In My Bank

   My bags and bank are filled with junk and sentimental stuff. Atherya's is more like a wardrobe. I have a load of archaeology fragments and solved items, lots of random items from Winter Veils past, items that Koruth made for me, and, in some cases, profession-based items like ores, old gems and other things I forget to throw out.
   These are my favourite items from each of my characters' banks:

Spinegrinder:  Spectral Essence
Kharzil:  Skull of Gul'dan
Daeaye:  A letter from Koruth
Atherya:  Fras Siabi's Cigar Cutter
Sevacia:  Olaf's Amazing Handkerchief


  1. That is a lot of Winter Veil outfits you have there! :P

  2. Tell me about it! A business venture set up a few years ago, that I forgot about every year. Maybe this time I'll remember. I really hate those bloody green Horde ones! I think most of us do.


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