Sunday, 22 September 2013

Atherya Sunleaf Writing Competition - 1 Week Left

   3 weeks so far, and it's the last call for submissions. The competition comes to an end on the 30th, after which date I won't be accepting new submissions. The winner will be chosen within the following two days, and that winner will receive a custom watercolour painting of their favoured WoW character (physical and digital copy); a loot card pet; 1 month of advertising space on my sidebar with optional guest post on my blog; their winning story published on my blog and having it played out in the diary itself.

   So far I've received no submissions, but even if I only get one submission, that will win. I'm hosting this competition to get new ideas for Atherya's story, so even only one submission will have to do, and they will win all of the above.
   There are prizes for honourable mentions, too, so even if you don't win, you can get something. I will be hosting another competition like this at a later date when she moves to another continent, but for now this is set in present day Northrend.
   There are only 2 requirements for this competition: 1) it must include Atherya, and 2) it must take place in present day Northrend, meaning Arthas has been defeated long ago. The main restriction is that you cannot kill her.

   You may post your entries on your own blog and email me the link, or, if you're not confident of your writing skill and don't want anyone but me to see it (unless you win), then you can email me the typed submission yourself, either in the email or as an attachment, and only if it wins will it be put on the blog. Because you should be proud!
   It does not have to be brilliantly written. It could, in fact, be awfully written - what matters is the idea. I'm looking for ideas, not insanely talented writers. So as long as you have an idea for anything that can happen between one or more of your characters and Atherya anywhere in Northrend, just go for it. It doesn't need to take you any longer than an hour to write, either, and there's no minimum or maximum number of pages.

For hints to help you write/plan your entry, see the original post's section 'Hints'. All submissions must be received by the night of the 30th of September (by your clock, any time zone). I'll begin looking through them on the 1st of October.

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