Monday, 16 September 2013

Atherya Sunleaf Writing Competition - 2 Weeks In

   We're two weeks into the competition, and no submissions yet. I've decided to extend the deadline from the 22nd of September to the 30th, and I've put a post in the noticeboard of Argent Archives to spread the word to other willing participants.
  I am a little disappointed, but I'm not giving up. Remember: it's not about writing skill, it's about ideas. Also, if you're paranoid that your writing abilities aren't that strong, you can always just email me your submission, and I won't post it anywhere unless it wins. Otherwise, all participants are freely able to post their submissions on their own websites, deviantARTs and other such places should they wish to, and send me the link to that page instead of emailing the whole story.

   There will be prizes for honourable mentions - for example, if you've written an amazing piece, you may get a prize, and in contrast, if your writing was poor but your idea was truly amazing but perhaps a little too complex, or was just shy of winning, you could get a prize too. There really is no excuse!

   As before, the prizes still stand at the same, but with one addition: a month of advertising space on my blog's sidebar. The winner can advertise their blog, website, deviantART page and so on - whatever they wish, as long as it's relevant to WoW or gaming in general. They will get the same treatment as anyone else would if they purchased an ad space: 30 days on the sidebar, with the option of writing a guest post for my own blog about any WoW-related topic they wish. But, if anyone wishes to donate a prize - custom artwork, a product, gift voucher, something they've made etc then feel free. You're still eligible to enter and win.

As before, for full details on the 4 restrictions, 2 requirements, prize list, Atherya Sunleaf character profile, and hints and tips to make your writing go smoother, check out the original competition post.

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