Sunday, 1 September 2013

Atherya Sunleaf Writing Competition - Starting Now!

Shot from Entry 2: Thalassian Pass ; see all diary entries

   The Atherya Sunleaf Writing Competition (yup, renamed it) officially starts today, though any submissions received before hand will still count. The competition will run for 3 weeks, giving everyone enough time to put something together, should they want to, and the last day for submissions is the 22nd of September.
   There are 2 requirements for all submissions: 1: the short story must involve Atherya Sunleaf, and 2: it must take place somewhere in Northrend. The stories don't have to be long, but they don't have to be short. But don't go too crazy with them. Full rules and hints are in a previous post, here.

   I have a few simple loot cards to give out throughout the three weeks, probably one a week if I get enough submissions, but at this point in time, I'm still trying to get together a more tangible prize for the overall winner to go along with their inclusion in the diary and a companion pet loot card. If anyone would like to donate something - like a small gift certificate for somewhere relevant like Jinx, or a digital Blizzard store item, or even an item that you've made yourself, then please get in touch. This plea will likely go out for every competition I do in the future, even if I already have a few prizes. The more the merrier! And if you do donate a prize, you're still eligible to enter, and even to win. I hate those kinds of restrictions.

   You are writing a short story - not a diary entry. You do not need to write from Atherya's point of view, in fact I'd advise against it for now. You are more than welcome to write from your own character's point of view, or even in third person. It doesn't have to last for pages and pages. You could write for half an hour and call it done, or you could write for a week. It's the ideas that count.
   The winning submission will be included in the Diary of Atherya Sunleaf page and full credit given, and the story will be written into Atherya's diary as part of her overall story. Any side effects from injuries sustained in the winning submission's story will be carried over to further diary entries until they have healed. Simply put: it will officially become a part of her story, not just a side piece. This is the main prize, but I am hoping to have something more interesting and desirable to go along with it.
   Writing ability counts, but not for much. What matters the most is your idea. If your idea isn't that great, but your writing ability is amazing, it won't count for much towards the story. I'm holding this competition to encourage people to write creatively, but also to put Atherya Sunleaf's story in the hands of others, rather than just my own.

   You're welcome to submit multiple pieces of writing. If you have several ideas, you're welcome to write them all and submit them seperately. It is the individual pieces of writing that will be judged. Just because one person submits 3 good pieces, doesn't mean that they have a better chance than someone who submits 1 amazing one.

   As I said before, this competition runs from the 1st to the 22nd of September. I will read all submissions personally and judge fairly, based on ideas, rather than writing skill. Once the competition has come to an end, I'll write a brief post giving a date that the winner will be announced based on the number of submissions.
   There are 4 specific restrictions to the writing, however, which can be found on the original competition post, along with some hints to make your writing a little easier, and a brief character profile of Atherya if you choose not to read any of the diary entries. Reading some would be helpful, but it's not mandatory.
   I'm looking forward to receiving submissions, and I hope that you'll all spread the word yourselves. If this goes well, I plan on doing it again in the future to help further the story along once again, at which point the restrictions may well change, and the requirements certainly will.

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