Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Atherya Sunleaf Writing Competition Prizes

   I put my mind to it and figured out a prize for the competition. I may throw in one or two more things as time goes by, though.

   If I get enough entries, then there will be some honourable mentions, and they'll get a simple consumable loot card. It's nothing fancy at all, I know.
   The winner, however, will get the following:
Their story written into Atherya's diary - the events and individuals in the winning short story (be it 1 page or 10) will be added into the diary. It may take one entry, or it may take several, depending on the amount that happens. The winner will be given credit for their ideas at the foot of each diary post that works on the story, and the story itself will be added to the diary archive, with full credit to the winner.
A simple pet loot card - if you already have the pet, they usually go for between 15-20k on the AH, at level 1. Just redeem the card and cage the pet like you would with one of the Raiding for Leashes pets.
A custom watercolour painting of your character. There are two ways this can be done - you can submit a high quality screenshot or use WoW Model Viewer to recreate your character in your desired gear and pose them. Backgrounds won't be painted, they are a huge weakness for me, and the pose and view point I receive is how I will paint it. You will receive the original painting, by post, as well as a large-scale scan.
A month of advertising space on my blog sidebar. The winner will be able to advertise their own blog/website/deviantART page/other internet space as long as it is WoW- or game-related. Along with this, they get the opportunity to write a guest post for  my blog about anything WoW-related, which will be posted during their 30 days of sidebar ad time. Alternatively, this ad space can be purchased for $5/£3 etc on the sponsor page.

Past WoW-based Watercolours

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