Saturday, 7 September 2013

Entry 22 - The Cauldron

96th Day of Spring

   I was put to the test today. I was sent down into the fiery pit called The Cauldron and was charged with killing the foreman. I managed easily enough. I'm far lighter on my feet than a Dwarf, so I managed to sneak up on him, despite being somewhat more fair-skinned than the land around me, and being twice his height. I killed him easily, and while I didn't feel good about it, if this will help end the threat of the Dark Irons - who pester the Horde and the Alliance - then we will all be better off if I make these sacrifices.
   When I got back up to Overseer Oilfist I was told that we would be heading inside of the mine. There was another Dwarf with him, ashen-skinned, as the others, but seemed to be of equal standing to Oilfist. He said his name was Mountain-Lord Rendan, but he made it clear that while he was not of a mind to side with the Dark Irons, neither was he siding with the Thorium Brotherhood. Apparently, it was an allegience through convenience, nothing more. And if anyone else can understand that, I believe it's my people.
   Some of the other Dwarves had managed to secure the entrance to the mine, so we should be able to get inside easily enough, but what we're supposed to do when we're in there, I don't know. I can only assume that the Dwarves have some secretive plans they're not telling me about just yet.
   On another note, I've noticed some of the Dwarves giving me lingering looks. While I am glad that they're not hositle in nature, I'm not so sure I like their meaning. Still, better that than trying to kill me, I suppose.

 -- Atherya Sunleaf              

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