Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Lordaeron Throne Room Easter Egg

   This was brought to my attention yesterday by Zeirah of Azeroth Life. Koruth knows a lot of things like this in WoW, but he never knew about this one, so when he came into the room asking why the sound was so loud and found me wide eyed, staring at the screen, he had a surprise, too.

   If you want to see this for yourself without me ruining it for you, head to the Ruins of Lordaeron's courtyard, turn your music all the way down and ambience right up, and turn the volume up, too, and begin walking towards the throne room. You'll find all this out yourself.

   If you'd rather I just get to the point, continue reading here.

   Head to the Ruins of Lordaeron's courtyard. Anyone with the ability to detect invisibility will already know that there are ghosts out there. And if you don't have the ability, but ever cast an AOE spell out there and got into combat with nothing at all, the you probably wondered what was going on. I did this several times before I found out. They never hit me, though.
   Walk towards the throne room. You will pass through the bell tower and then through a short hallway before getting there.
   While in the bell tower, you'll hear the bells that rang upon Arthas' return to his home. He was a Death Knight by this time, however. Continue onwards, and you'll hear the cheers of citizens as they welcomed their Prince home. And then, at last, step into the Throne Room and you'll hear the whispers, echos of a time past.
   There are two sides to these whispers. First, following the ones from the way in, are the whispers of Arthas and King Terenas. Two such whispers: King Terenas: "What is this? What are you doing, my Son?" Arthas: "Succeeding you, father." Chills.
   The other side has speech between King Terenas and Medivh. King Terenas: "What is the meaning of this? Who are you?" Medivh: "Humanity is in peril. The tides of darkness come once again."
   There are two more lines that accompany each segment, and I will admit to being disappointed that the transcript with Medivh was put in there. Though the moment Medivh tried to convince Terenas to move to Kalimdor is a pivotal part in history, given that all other sounds are related to Arthas' return, it seems a bit unnecessary to have it in there. But, it is nonetheless awesome.

   There's also a blood stain on the floor. Some people may not have noticed it - I've been playing Undead for 5 years and only noticed it about a month ago, myself. While the splatter itself doesn't match the one in the video perfectly, it is very clear that the blood on the ground is that which came off of King Terenas' crown as it rolled down the dais steps and along the floor. All in all, the Ruins of Lordaeron is one of the most haunted places in WoW.

   I've added videos below.

The whispers themselves, put together in the best video I've seen detailing the phenomenon, by trberwyn:

The cinematic from Warcraft 3 featuring Arthas' return and the death of his father:

The cinematic from Warcraft 3 featuring Medivh's attempt to warn the Human Kings:

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