Saturday, 21 September 2013

My First Week on the Timeless Isle

   After my first day on the Timeless Isle, I thought I'd write a post about my first week there. It has been amazing. I started a week later than everyone else, due to a vacation-at-home situation, but when I finally got to it, it was just awesome.
   I was well and truly on good form with this patch, for the first time since the second to last patch of Wrath of the Lich King. I fully geared my Hunter, half geared my Warlock, half geared my Druid and began on my Priest, while I've even sent a few pieces to my Paladin who's too low level to use the items. And I've only been at it a week!

   I've gained several achievements which is also unusual for me - though I enjoy achievement hunting, I'm not very effective at it - and I'm almost done with a few more. Killing all of the rares may be a challenge since there are one or two I've not even seen once yet.
   I had one unlucky day where I managed to find several of the rares I'd not killed yet, and each time I got to them, it was just in time to see them fall to the ground, or to see the skull on the map (most helpful thing ever) disappear, and the same thing happened to a few rares I'd already killed and wanted to again (Gu'chi, Leafmender, Python). Sad face. What made it worse was that I'd announce them on General Chat when I saw them, so people got kind of annoyed at me for announcing rares then immediately saying they were dead. I'd get annoyed too, to be fair.

   In contrast, I did have one particularly lucky day: I managed to find Bonkers after opening just three chests in Kukuru's cave, and only having opened nine in total, preferring not to waste the coins. Not only that, but that same day I managed to get the Reins of the Thundering Onyx Cloud Serpent. I didn't know that it was even a drop until one day before hand, when I finally started looking at WoW blogs again, and happened to see it on the Daily Frostwolf. Of course, Navi said that 'I have decided that it's when you DON'T know that something is going to drop, then it does' - I'm of the complete same mind, and immediately began thinking 'that's great, now I'll never, ever see it' - BUT I DID! I also didn't know that it doesn't drop for everyone, each individual has their own chance, but when it dropped I never said anything in-game, assuming everyone else had gotten it, too. But no one said anything other than 'Oh, an egg! Yay!'. Actually, to be honest, Koruth was the one that killed Houlon for me at that time since I was doing the washing up, so when I saw him loot it I was a bit busy jumping around the kitchen in excitement to say anything to anyone anyway. I had killed him three times before, so it dropped on my fourth kill. I wouldn't have said anything anyway. If everyone else had it, what would be the point other than making those who hadn't bothered to get to it feel bad, and now, knowing that not everyone got it, it would almost make me a bad winner. There's nothing worse than a winner that rubs victory in someone else's face.

Yes, those are other players. I am learning to be social!
   I have decided to leave off of farming for Shaohao rep at this time, though. I've got about 50k coins at this point in time, and while I'm happy to farm for coins, since that involves doing two quests and changing location a lot hunting for rares etc, and that giving me a chance at other loot in the process, farming rep is far too repetative in too small an area, and given how much trouble I'm having bringing them down on my own, and finding a group to do it with (Koruth suggested a faction change but I'm not wasting real money on changing to the Alliance just to change back again after a month, plus, from experience, I happen to know that the Alliance on my server are very whiney and childish. The Horde are actually a lot more grown up on my server, don't complain as much, and don't harass eachother as much, either. This changes from server to server, of course), I figure it's best to leave off. So, I decided that, since it's not likely that there will be another patch this expansion, I'm just going to wait until I'm level 95-100 in the next expansion and then come back and farm the rep then. I should be able to take them down a little faster and take less damage that way, and there will actually be Yaungol that aren't already tagged. Seriously. The place is packed. Of course, taking down rares will be a challenge so I may have to just do my best with rares now and ignore them when I come back.

   I think the World Bosses bugged out briefly, too. I have yet to find a single Horde group taking down the Celestials on my server. They've been nothing but Allies, and so they were obviously already faction tagged. But, despite this, I always check to see who they've been tagged by when they're in combat. I saw Chi-Ji the other day, and though he was in combat, his HP bar was yellow, suggesting a Horde group. Buuuut, when I got down there and joined the attack, there was nothing but Alliance there, all of whom were attacking it. If it had been tagged by Horde, why would they attack it? I continued to attack anyways, since it had a yellow bar, and I figured I'd see if it bugged out or not - it couldn't do any harm, just perhaps waste a minute of my time. Well, it must have bugged out, because I got some loot and 100g. I was quite surprised. I've not seen a Horde group yet, however, and I've also not thought to check if it counted towards the achievement, but I expect it did. Either way, if I want the achievement, I'd be better off putting a group together myself. But that was a nice bug. I like nice bugs.
   There was, however, a bad bug to follow. When the week reset on Wednesday, I took down Niuzao with a Horde group (hooray!) but we wiped after our first go. But we tried and succeeded a second time. The problem was, after we downed him, as soon as he hit 0%, we all disconnected. I saw the two loot roll windows pop up, so I know we took him down, but when I logged back in, there was no body, no loot windows, no rolling, but I did obtain the cache box that you get when you kill them. But otherwise, there was no real loot. But what has bothered me the most was that it didn't count towards the achievement that I had killed him, and there was nothing a GM could do. It was very frustrating because Horde groups don't come together often, and I'm not usually a part of it when they do. So, sad face!

   All in all, however, it's a really nice patch. I love the amount of special loot the creatures hold, and while I dislike the seeming laziness of the gear and the baffling choice of reputation gain, I cannot say it breaks the patch. It just means that there are one or two things I'd like that are going to take a lot more work than I'd like. But I am lazy. I also love all of the very obtainable achievements (one of which is now made a little easier since I've got the mount), and the incentive to explore. As a lot of you know, I prefer to explore and find lots of exciting secret places rather than raid. Well, no, I'd rather raid, but I can't raid, so I don't. But exploring suits me just fine. And while you can't fly, I've been using my Goblin Glider a lot. If I'm hunting for rares around the Yaungol, and Vazuvius pops up, or Gu'chi or other pet-dropping rares, I'll just run off the edge. It's also an easy way of following anyone with a legendary cloak across the bridge to Ordos' house to fight rares. I just wish there was an easier way up to the Ruby Lake other than flying out to the fatigue zone or those bloody albatross. The birds are a cool way to get around, but slow, and particularly annoying when they decide they don't want to fly downwards when you attack them, and prefer instead to just drop you when they die.

How is everyone else finding the patch? Anything you love? Anything you hate?

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  1. I find the Timeless isle quite fun, getting new gear for alts and stuff. But i hate the grind for Emperor Shaohao :/ I hate that the rares die waaaaay too fast :D


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