Tuesday, 10 September 2013

The Last Day of Summer

    Daeaye stood out on the balcony of the Shrine of The Two Moons and took a deep breath. She cast her eyes towards the Twin Monoliths. Already, the Vale had been scarred. That was a sad day. She remembered how it had looked before the Warchief had dug the pit that exposed the Heart. But it would get worse, soon. Garrosh was coming to blows with the denizens of Pandaria, and with stern figures such as Taran Zhu standing in his way to greater power, he would surely not nudge them aside descreetly. They would come to blows soon enough; he would throw them out of his way, and the entire continent would suffer.
   There was a strong force gathering together to oppose him, and her allegience to the re-emerged Vol'jin stated clearly that she would be a part of that opposition. She had no qualms with that.
   Pandaria was a friendly place - putting aside the Mogu, the Mantid and the Yaungol - and it saddened her and many others that its people had been dragged into the endless feud. They had no business in it, they had their own land; a land that was beautiful, a land that, while it certainly had its threats, they loved, would never leave, and knew how to handle their age-old opponants. But now something new had come to them, something they had no choice but to join, for its sheer force would run them down if they didn't.
   She looked towards a group of Pandaren that were stood nearby. They were a family, with children whose faces should never have been as frightened as they were now, and with parents whose jaws clenched in resolve. What the resolve was, she couldn't tell. Perhaps they would flee. Perhaps they would fight. Or perhaps it was the resolve to do nothing at all.
   She shook her head and looked back to the scar that hid behind the two towering Mogu structures, sighing.
   Xuca nudged her hand with his snow white head, and a rumble sounded within his throat. It was one of comfort.
   She stroked his head and inhaled deeply. She was only one person, but she would do all she could to protect these people from her so-called Warchief's wrath. She looked down at the cat, and as he looked back at her with his fierce and intense ice blue eyes, she smiled with determination. Garrosh couldn't succeed with the force opposing him. Unless he called down Demons.

   Hope you enjoyed that. I'm a little upset about the destruction of the Vale, especially after the video series, The Burdens of Shaohao, so I felt that this was a good time to write something a little creatively.
   Patch 5.4 doesn't come out in Europe until Wednesday, tomorrow, so I took the opportunity over the past few days to take some screenshots of the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. I went to some of my favourite locations, and discovered a few new ones as I went. I realise that it isn't the entirety of the Vale that will be tainted, but a lot of my favourite places will be affected. I've compiled all of my shots below. After the patch I'm going to go back and try to retake the shots and compare the damage.

The last two on the list are new to me. You can find Loh-Ki half way between The Golden Stair and Guo-Lai Halls, and he tells the story of Alani's origin. The images below, however, also new to me, were brought to my attention by Navi of The Daily Frostwolf and her mini-post featuring her screenshot. I followed her instruction (north west of the Vale in the mountains) and found these two skeletons. I almost missed them because they're facing towards Kun Lai, not the Vale.

The creatures seem to have died together, and are surrounded by roses, and one of them seems to be holding one. They both have the skulls of demons in the back of their mouths. I'm not 100% convinced these are dinosaurs - their skeletons are too human, and the heads look too big for their bodies, but having said that, the demon heads inside are both in more or less the same place, and facing outwards, but at the same time the tail rids the idea of the bodies belonging to the demons, since they each have the skulls of a Nathrezim. Either way, it's always good fun to discover things like this!

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