Tuesday, 24 September 2013

WCC: Pandaren Balloon Village Drawing

   This is my first submission for my WoW Crafting Challenge ('World of Warcraft Crafting Challenge' didn't work). I couldn't wait until the weekend to post my first one, so I've started 5 days sooner than planned :P I based this drawing on a small section of an illustration in the MoP Collector's Edition Art Book, and expanded it into a full village. I've not drawn for some time, so I decided to avoid shading here, sticking with a line drawing. I used to be quite good at it in school, but I've barely touched a pencil for ages.


  1. I love it. Would be a great addition to the game for a Pandaren festival.

  2. Thank you ^^ it's a bit of a shame, because, like I said, I based the drawing off of a smaller one that was part of a larger town from the art book, so the concept was already -kind of- there, they just didn't use it. And I love hot air balloons :(


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