Sunday, 29 September 2013

WCC: Pandaren Lotus Farm Watercolour Painting

   My second submission for my WoW Crafting Challenge. Like the first post, this one has used a fairly obvious medium. I used watercolour paints for this painting, on 300gsm watercolour paper. I painted it from a selection of screenshots taken of the Lotus Farm above New Cifera, in the Pools of Purity, Valley of the Four Winds. There is one blaringly obvious mistake I made here because I wasn't thinking when I did it, and once you've noticed it, it's hard to unnotice it. So I won't tell you precisely what it is :P but it's quite obvious.
   Either way, I'm very happy with this painting. The painting itself looks better than the scan - it's always hard to correct colours once something's been scanned but I did my best. The background isn't great, backgrounds have always been a huge weakness of mine and I've never been able to do them well. I put my focus into the main subject.
   This painting isn't supposed to be accurate to the Lotus Farm, but I did end up adding the path into the background that runs to the higher level for lack of any better idea.


  1. Oh, wow! That is awesome! I can't see the mistake, it looks amazing to me :)

  2. Thanks ^^ The mistake is actually the shadow on the stone pillar - it's on the complete wrong side because I used a screenshot from the other side of it as a reference, for some obscene reason! But I'm glad it's not as obvious as I thought ^^

  3. I agree with Luxy not only is this awesome but I didn't notice the shadow/mistake. I was looking for it for ages but that didn't even cross my mind. Even now I know that's the mistake I don't think it's a massively obvious thing :)

  4. Awesome as always :)

  5. Thank you ^^ Maybe I'm just getting paranoid. I used to pride myself on shading and shadows when I used to do this kind of stuff more, but I've not done it in a few years really, so I slipped up and wanted to defend myself right away :P Thank you both for reassuring me :P


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